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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day... lets honor those who have paid a high price for our Freedom!

Do you have your flags (yes multiple) flying? We do...

I am so proud of our Nation, and the people who have volunteered to protect us, and have given their own lives for us at home.

It is very sad to me, to ask someone if they have their flag out, and they say.."I don't have a flag" oh well.

We should all have the flag to fly.

I don't care which side of the American fence you stand on, we all should still honor those who have served and died for our freedom. What a small price for us to pay back to honor them.

We get to have our picnics, take our vacations, go camping, shop the sales, or enjoy a day off as a Holiday....

They served, and gave their lives for this seemingly normal benefit.
So if you don't have a flag, get one.

If you are liberal or conservative, or somewhere in the middle...
fly your flag!!!

And thank you to all our Military people out there!!!


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