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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tablets ..and some of their many uses...

I bit the bullet, and ordered a new Motorola Xoom Tablet, which was voted best in show at the recent Electronic show in Vegas. I am looking forward to having it upgraded to 4G data speed, soon.

So while I wait for it's arrival, I wanted to bring myself up to date on some of the many functions and uses for these marvelous devices.

I had not considered some of the optional uses for my animals enjoyments.... all I will need is a cat!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Time..please slow down...

Man, where does the time go and why cant time just slow down?

Loved ones grow old and die, my children grow up... and become my age...wait I got older too? I don't feel older, do you?

My mom said she didn't feel older, and yet she couldn't keep death at bay any longer.

Last Sunday my firstborn turned 40, can that even be possible? Didn't I just turn 40, or does it just seem like I did?

My grand kids, are getting so big so fast, and one will be able to drive in a short while. It seems like not that long ago when he was born...

The time factor for this period on earth is going faster and faster. The older I get, the faster time goes by.
Do you know that even though a year is a year, it feels like it takes 6 months to get through it, that!

I guess I need to focus on loving those around me...

To be thankful for what I have been blessed with... family, friends and yes, the critters.

I think there is really something to the saying "Don't sweat the small stuff, it s all small stuff"

What do you think?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh my, my neighbor saw the cougar!

Yep, here it is 3 months after Milli's demise, and I received an update on the villain cougar who took our little Milli.

So you have an idea of our area, we actually are not that far off the beaten track. Every one of the seven families on our road has 5 acre parcels. The neighbors around us have anywhere from 1 acre to 10 acres as a rule. Still, not the feel of isolation from society.

The neighbor directly across the street told me they saw the cougar out their back window, 3 weeks ago. It was their teenage son who saw it, and they said it was a big cat, much bigger then he had expected.

Guess what, they also said the deer have bedded down under the tree's in their back yard in the past as well. I mention this, as the wildlife agent said the cougars love deer, and not as a friend.

Cougars have there own territory they cover, and he seems to be showing up regularly. I continue to stay on alert to keep the other dogs from meeting the same visitor as Milli did. I also make lots of noise when I go to the barn at night!

What was really confusing at the time of the attack, was that we also had a bear in the neighborhood at the same time, who was enjoying the fruits of the neighbors garbage cans. He was helping himself to the cans and the fillings as well. He was carrying off the cans and then after getting the garbage out, eating and rolling in the refuge...yuck!

Oh my how a little house in town can be so appealing to me at times like this....(sigh)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Milli, a small brave Corgi with a big heart. first Corgi and a very special little dog.

She was a Craigslist find, and I thought I was so fortunate to find her. The owner was very careful to place her in a home that was a perfect match..I believe we certainly were that!!!

She quickly became our little "Queen Milli" dog, and she ruled our terrier Randy as her royal servant (he seemed content with this arrangement) .

We did not declare her queen, she self proclaimed her position!

We found her "partner in crime",
Oscar, about a year later on Craigslist as well.
He was the standard size
Corgi and the same black tri-color as our Milli.

Because Milli was so small, people who would see her thought she was a miniature Corgi. Well, since Corgi's do not come as miniature breeds, she was just a very petite little dog.

My Milli was attacked in my front yard in the evening of November 16th, by a Cougar.This was just 10 days after my mother passed away.

After coming back from the barn that evening she was attacked, and taken to the wooded acreage behind our property. I had left the dogs out for just a few extra minutes after coming back after the evening feeding.

With the help of Oscar, who was the hero who helped me find where she was, I cannot believe we found her. I called and called with flashlight in hand, pointing in the direction I thought she was.
While Oscar barked ferociously, I saw her little body come slowly out of the underbrush.

If she had not been in shock, there would of been no way that she could of come to the calls from me and Oscar. She was hurt so badly I cannot describe it. I was horrified by what this animal did to her. We rushed her to Pilchuck Emergency vet, who after trying to save her, said the claws of the large cat has penetrated her body so badly, and actually come out the other side. The damage was to severe to save her.

I still cry when I think of what my brave Milli went through to come to me when I called, and am thankful I at least got to have her in my arms and assure her of what a wonderful and brave dog she was before loosing her forever.

She is buried in my flower garden, next to my little Delilah cat.

My Oscar really was a hero, as I had no way of knowing which way Milli had been taken, and he kept looking down to the backside of the property, which made me go that direction. He was truly calling her as his barks escalated while I called her, and I am sure made the cat release her and let her go.

It used to be that when going to the barn for morning or evening horse feedings, Milli would run out the door, and turn to the other dogs barking non stop, as if to say "Come on!". She would always bark and yap, and Randy and Oscar would run after her, they did not bark, only Milli.

Now, when going to the barn, Oscar has carried on Milli's tradition, and when asked if he wants to go to the barn, he will look at me and bark as he runs beside me, as we go to the if to say..this is for Milli!

I had the State Department of Wildlife out after this happened, and they sent out a cougar warning to the schools as a precaution. We have lots of deer around hear, and the Wildlife agent said this is the meal of choice for a cougar.

I wanted to share this as a tribute to a wonderful little dog, that truly will walk all over my heart forever.