Cute N Cool

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Have you ever seen a Munchkin cat?

OK, I vowed not to get another cat, and I think I will hold to this for a while.

Maybe when we downsize...

But when I do, this is the cat I want. I have never seen one before, nor even heard of them.
My mom is in a interim care facility, after a stay in the hospital. When she was admitted this cat that lives at the facility, decided her bed was his bed. When I got there he was all cozy, laying on her bed.

When he was ready to leave... well let s just say this is kitty "low-rider" (they have super short front legs)..I had to follow him out the door trying to get a picture of him.. low in the front, high in the back!

They are not bred to be this way, but have a mutant gene...whatever it is, this is my next cat!

Am I the only one who had not heard of a Munchkin cat?