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Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Sale on Craigslist...

You know, I was just thinking, as I was scrolling through my almost 8000 pictures, what a great thing Craigslist is. I saw pictures of items that I could delete because, well... I don't have them anymore!

Craigslist has certainly helped the collapse of the newspaper want ad's.
Do you look at the paper want ad's? No, you go online!

While viewing my stored pictures online, I was seeing items I have sold or given away via Craigslist. After all, it is FREE, easy to use, easy to access, and until you respond to the person, you are anonymous.

So.. looking back I show I have sold 2 cars and 1 pickup truck. For prices that range from $8500 to $9400 each. I also sold my horse trailer on Craigslist, boy that got a lot of response!

We also sold the tool chest and the fifth wheel hitch that were on the previous pickup, for about $500.00 all together.

I sold some horse paraphernalia for $120.00, and a really nice Dressage Saddle for $850.00. Also a nice glass hutch for $175.00..and two recliner chairs for... I don't remember how much.

Alas, due to my limited "now I am an old person" memory, I am sure I have used it for other items as well!

They are great if you are giving something away, and want it gone! I have used the free ad's to give away a computer monitor, and a kids basketball hoop. They were both gone within an hour of the ad being published.

I did have some flops that did not sell. Why I don't know, as they were good quality items like an oak office desk with a hutch, and an oak file cabinet. I ended up donating them to the "Village", as I just did not want to store bigger items while trying to sell them.

OK, now the flip side. I have also taken ownership of items via Craigs List as well. For one, the antique pony..yes, Buddy was a Craigslist rescue.

I also bought my first Saab Convertible off Craigslist, and we found my husbands HHR on Craigslist.

There are a few ad's I relist every so often, as they just need to catch the right persons eye. One is a silver show halter, and the other is a light yellow antique Monarch wood cook stove.. Hmm, maybe I should re list those today?

Sometimes, just to dream of retiring in Italy or Mexico, I go to Craigslist and look at the Real Estate for that little dreams and a picture view of what you can get in those lovely areas.

How bout you, do you use Craigslist? What have you used it for, buying, selling, comparison shopping, dreaming?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Virtual Girls Night Out..summer is coming to a end..

I am so I will miss the long days, the warm sun..and the tank tops!
I guess we will just have to join in with Ann of Ann Again and Again.. to have a virtual party!
I am at work at the moment..but like Arnold..I will be back!
Party On!!~!

So here is the scoop, today was my 24th anniversary.. pretty cool huh?

Oh, not THAT Anniversary..silly you ( that is on 7-2 and will be 14 years)
correction ..scratch that... it is 9-2.. Thanks Tamis!
Today's anniversary is my employment bet, 24 years with one company that has had 5 names in those 24 years!

Yes.. they have been teasing me with that carrot called retirement for years...for now it is work a little longer .. you will get to retire someday.. (if I am not dead first :)

So you see, I really do need a party.. as I am not going to retire any time soon!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Find Me Friday...

Please visit our friend Ali at Find Me Friday.. and join in!

Some peekaboo shots from the little side trip Megan Elise and I took last weekend, while at a family get together.

And.. can you see the white bird, in the cage that was on the farm porch?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday...Girls just want to have fun...!

Some Funky Dancing..

Some Moon Walking...

Some running...

Some Girl Dancing...

Some Fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Monday Memories....Oh how I wish I could go back to Mexico...soon

I was looking through my pictures (of which I have MANY)...and realized how much I miss Mexico..

The view from our room, last time we were there, with a cruise ship coming around the corner...

And the shops in old Cabo... which I love to take my time to browse through...

I can only dream...and look forward to the next time I can go there!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Find Me Friday.. on Saturday!

Zoe was having a little dinner.. and this peacock has a hard time matter how hard he tries..his colors show his whereabouts!

"Click" on the picture to really get the best view!
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

All I wanted for my Birthday was to go to, not the prison!


If you have not visited Leavenworth ( which is a lovely Bavarian Village in Washington State) well, you must work it into a road trip when you are up in our neck of the woods!

There is something about this small touristy village that I love. For one thing the weather is wonderful... in the summer the warmth is perfect, and the flowers just thrive.

In the winter it is a whole different place, perfect for those who love the snow, with the mountains that surround it being absolutely breathtaking.

The town center has a wonderful gathering area, and the art exhibits are lovely...

The German theme is obvious!

We actually got married here, and maybe that is part of my attraction.

The village has more than one means of travel to see the quaint shops...

When you venture outside of the village, you find there is an array of activities for everyone. River rafting, hiking, riding, birdwatching... and wine tasting! Like many areas of Eastern Washington State, the city of Leavenworth even has several winery's to boast of.

So we took the short one and a half hour drive on Saturday over the mountain, and had a wonderful afternoon. We were home by 9:30 and had time to watch a movie!

Come on, admit want to go to Leavenworth too, don't you?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Virtual Girls Night Out..It's my (Birthday)Party and I'll cry if I want to...cuz I am OLD!!!

I am not going to let the number of candles that should be on my cake get me down, as it is VGNO...which means Ann over at Ann Again and Again has agreed to again, have us all to her house and party with her..virtually!

And since it really is my Birthday today I will have one of those Birthday Tequila Sunrises Ann had suggested!

Here is tonight's game, and since the high school year options did not include my year of entering high school, I created my own answers!

Dear Diary,

My best friend Sue and I went shopping for tight jeans. We wanted to show them off when we went to hang out at the Lake Hills roller rink when Paul Revere and the Raiders were playing. You won't BELIEVE who we saw at the store! Elvis! We screamed so loud they had to call Security. It was the best day ever!

Ok.. now go visit at Ann's and party on my dear girlfriends!

Ok.. you were is Happy Birthday to Me!

I was going to post this.. then not. Then you guys busted me, so I will!

Can it be true, this flat out seems impossible? This Birthday is one of the big ones, lets just say some may consider me eligible for a senior discount, God forbid. Well wait, I guess I can handle a discount.. I just don't like the senior part.

As far as I am concerned, I am not old. If you ask my their perspective they may say yes, Gramma is old. Honestly I do not "feel" old, after all, they age fine wine, right? And the longer they age it, the finer it is, right???

The good news is they ( the grandkids) still love being with me, and laughing with me, and getting silly around me. I love doing the same with them, as well as with my own girls, their mothers.

The older I have gotten, the more this Birthday number becomes just that, a number.

I just want those of you who are so far away from this "number" to know, that every day between the "number" you are at, and the "number" I am at, is an opportunity to live a day you did not have before, and will not have again. And these days go by even faster as time goes on, how can that be so?

I have more advice for those who are still young.. being old and all, I can now dish this stuff out, bare with me...

If I could go back and do some things different, you bet I would. I would worry less about stuff, and love more.

Yep, my advice is to be who you really are,
love your family and the things that are your passion in life. Laugh often, and smile :). As my mother says, do what you love now, don't wait.

Remember the glass is half full, not half empty.
I also always liked that saying "don't sweat the small stuff, it is all small stuff", you know you get less wrinkles this way! I had a gramma who did not worry, she also had the most beautiful complexion you ever saw, right up to when she died at a very old age.

Say your prayers, and remember, that when this time runs out here... well, there is an eternity to be prepared for, so prepare!

So there you go, pearls of wisdom from an official old woman!

And if you hear about a fire in my neck of the woods today, it is just the candles on my cake! Don't worry, I will get some help to blow them out!

Find Me Friday..who is that raiding the feeder????

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This was the raider of the bird feed last spring...
He was almost hidden, with his color, but was having a hay day eating the birdfood, and would squawk at us when we got close to him!

Please join in with Ali for Find Me Friday..

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An old Pony and his Girls go for a ride in the arena...

Can you believe this 37 year old pony, with Cushings (think of horsey Diabetes)
who has been badly foundered ( which is a very bad thing), who appears sound without shoes (no limping or favoring)...
is out for a ride with his girls!

Here is Buddy (lovingly referred to as the Antique Pony), taking the girls for a walk around the arena. Or I guess you could say they are taking each other for a walk in the arena!

This is the first time in the two years we have had Buddy, that we put our pony saddle on him, he looks quite handsome I think!

The girls have ridden him with a bareback pad in the past. He was having so many issues for such a long time, I honestly thought he would never be ridden again, let alone saddled up, this is amazing!

We bridled him with a horse size bridle (he is a large pony, not a Shetland) , which fit him fine. The girls took turns leading each other around the arena. It was such a wonderful thing to see.

I was very proud of all of them!

We recently found a site called which has so much information on diet and managing Cushings. Since we made some changes in his diet, he has improved dramatically in so many ways.

Our farrier was shocked at how well he is doing, when he came to trim his feet 2 weeks ago. He told us he did not expect him to even be here, as he could barely stand on his feet in order to be trimmed just 5 weeks previously.

In fact, the pony was making such a ruckus back in his stall banging on his door (as if to say..hello, will someone feed me!!!), my farrier asked if we had a stallion back there!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Dog Sitting ...aka... Throw the ball, Throw the ball, Throw the ball..

While Tamis and her family were in lovely LakeTahoe..during our record breaking 100 plus degree weather, we were Dog Watching..

It became obvious that it would be less stressful on her two dogs, and my three...if we just went to her house ...a lot... and took care of Remo and Tessa there.

This meant wearing the dogs out and then coming back later to wear them out some more. Wiht these dogs, that is not to hard to do!

Oh.. is that your ball you want me to throw for you????

Can you tell what Remo's favorite thing in the whole world is???? He is obsessed with chasing the many labs are.

Tessa is happy chasing Remo, and trying to get the ball and make him chase her with it.

Remo has a second favorite thing to do...

Yep.. he is either chasing the ball, or cooling off in his own little tub, usually with his ball floating in the water with him!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

For my Sunday Stills entry..

This weeks (very challenging ) Sunday Stills is to provide a picture showing as many of the "4 elements", with maybe even the 5th...
Please jump on over to my Picture blog at Mt Forest Pictures, to see my Sunday Stills entry!

I would love to hear what you think, and wish you a
wonderful Sunday :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

VGNO ..August evening

Oh my, it is time for the ladies of the night to party... no not THOSE ladies!!!

Happy VGNO to all those wonderful ladies that have found their way to Ann's, at
Ann Again and Again...toast to one and all!

Find Me Friday...

This is such a fun challenge to do... it keeps you looking for the not so obvious, like this gold finch blending in with his tree...

This little bird who blended in with the stone walkway, when we hit that 100 degree weather at the end of July , he bathed in the water from the pressure washer.. just feet away from Ken.

And this is my favorite, it is the coolest shot of Delilah hiding in her jungle... I hope you have an opportunity to go over to The Blessed Country Mom, and sing in to participate in this Find Me Friday challenge!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sagelands Winery...Yakima Valley

When on a road trip in Eastern Washington, there are many Vineyards along the way... we did make a stop at Sagelands Vineyards and were pleased with the wines we tasted, which we also felt was very affordable

We have often considered the thought of retiring in Eastern Washington... in an area with Vineyards. We think that would be a wonderful laid back atmosphere... as no one is in a hurry...

Yes, that would be me!

Most of them have area's that you can take a glass of wine out, and just sit and enjoy the view..

And of course, they will try to tempt you with the miscellaneous goods that go with well!
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