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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sepia Saturday...Snow and more...

After seeing the theme  for this weeks Sepia Saturday...I knew I had some family pictures that fit the theme of snow, long coats and more...and my mom is in each of them.

Being from the midwest, I should have a lot more snow pictures then I do. My brother has many of the pictures of my father, so you will see that mine show mom. I need to get the pictures of dad, and get them scanned for my family to have too.

 What has amazed me when I look at pictures from this era, is how everyone was almost  always dressed to the "T"s! 

My mother, Gloria  in the early 40's, yes in Minnesota. The above photo is unique, as she wore skirts more often then not, so one with her in pants is unusual for this period of her life.

This is an earlier shot with my mother on the left, her favorite cousin next to her, then her little sister Carol and her mother Agnes. 

 Her mother had many sisters, so my mother was surrounded by aunts and cousins. Her mothers family lived very close to each other in St Paul, in fact she had an aunt who lived across the street.

With the snowstorms they are having in the Northeast,  I imagine it won't be hard to get some perfect shots NOW for this theme!

Now another shot of mom and my sister Chrys in 1998, on a trip we made to Scandinavia in 1998. This is when we were in Finland for a couple days...the ships on this overnight cruise ship take you through the Baltic from Stockholm to Helsinki, I would of loved to spend more time then we had.

My next shot is me, in a snowstorm we had a few years back. In the Pacific NW the world stops when it snows. Schools close, people do not  go to work, every one panics.

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