Cute N Cool

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye to Delilah...

My Manx cat Delilah, crossed the "rainbow bridge" today.
She was our only cat, and lived in the garage. She was a great mouser, and also got a few scoldings for bringing bird sacrifices as well. She loved her paradise and kitty jungle, which was my flower garden, near the bird feeders of course!

She drove the poor birds crazy, stalking them under the bird feeders. Sometimes when outside, you would see her jump straight up in the air. She would be trying to catch a bird in flight or about to feed.

She was also notorious for trying to race under the garage door, when it was being shut, like a game of Russian roulette. Yes, that is where we are going with this...

Late this morning, I had left the house and shut the garage door, as always. Usually I would stop the door about 5 inches from the ground, so she had a way in and out.

I forgot this morning...

My husband found her when he went out later. All I can say is that I feel horrible, just horrible.

I buried her under her bird feeders, in her own "private kitty jungle" which she loved so much.

We will miss you dear Delilah..

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Please humor me...I love the Budwesier Donkey!

What can I say.. this makes me want to go get myself a donkey!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Have you seen this yet? The amazing dancing Dog...

You may have seen this pooch.

Wow.. she does the whole dance..what an amazing dog... I hate to say it but it makes my pooch's seem kind of ..well.. lame in the talent department.

Any country folk out there...with limited internet access like me?

Just a little rant...

We just made the change to Wild Blue Satellite Internet (I like the sound of that.. Wild Blue).

Anyway, we finally found that Clearwire was just not working for us. I am hoping we did not make a mistake with Wild Blue, as the speeds seem slowwwwww.

We do not have Comcast, or any kind of FIOs.. darn. I suppose most of you do, and am thinking that is high on the 'must have' list when we move someday.

I just hate that we are surrounded by homes that would pay for good internet if we could just get it,....urrrrr!

I do have a Palm Pre Smart-phone which has 5G of free "Hotspot" to use each month. Get this, it actually is the fastest of all! I just feel limited with 5 Gigs..

It is very frustrating to know how dependent I am on the internet...

So, any feedback from you all, did I make a mistake?

Thanks for letting me vent for a moment.. !