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Saturday, May 28, 2011

‘Jesus, what have I done?’: rock star Steve Tyler’s traumatic encounter with abortion |

‘Jesus, what have I done?’: rock star Steve Tyler’s traumatic encounter with abortion |

Everyone who has watched American Idol this year has had a renewed exposure to Steven Tyler, the lead singer with Aerosmith.

I was not an Aerosmith fan in those days, and did not know much about him. I personally felt that he did a good job as a judge on American Idol, certainly better then Simon.  When I did see the shows, it appeared that he made an effort to point out the best in the different singers with his comments.

I was at the blog for OPUS #6, and found this article which talks about Steven Tyler, and his statements about the effect of watching his own son's abortion while he was in his late 20's with his young girlfriend Julia Holcomb....and the trauma it caused him afterwords...

Also, to read Julia's side of the abortion story click her for it at

This is the picture Julia referenced in her article, as she was trying to get out of the burning apartment, while she was 5 months pregnant with Stevens child.

Take a moment to read the two articles...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

For Sunday Stills...Looking High, Looking Low..

A view as we were leaving for dinner one night, while in Puerto Vallarta, about a week ago.

 Looking up at the church from the Malachan in old town part of Puerto Vallarta...

And the last shot is one of my favorites, the sun was red as it went down this particular evening.

Hola from Puerto Vallarta and San Sebastian Mexico....


This is what it looks like, once we were able to access the locked blue door, I mentioned in my blog last week..what a difference a working key can make!

We stayed for an additional 6 days in the old town district of Puerto Vallarta and have to say, it was warm and muggy...and wonderful!

The people were friendly and fun, the restaurants were eager for our business and had offers to come and eat at their place, over the next one up the street.

We ate, we walked, we shopped from the vendors, and did our best (within our shoestring budget ) to help stimulate the Mexico economy. 

We went on a 7 hour excursion to San Sebastian on one of the days, which was full of the history of the region, and the silver mining in that area. It was lovely, and entertaining.

We went to a coffee factory, were the owner was the youngest of 21 children born to a woman whose face now adorns the packaging the coffee they produce called 
Cafe de Altura "La Quinta Mary".  This is where we saw the parrots, and also the sad looking donkey. 

Donkey at Coffee Factory
We were offered the use of the bathrooms as well...

Table where they package the coffee at Coffee Factory.

Looking down the cobblestone street into San Sebastian

This looks into the jail... which was empty. It was all concrete inside, and dark and cold.

Inside the church at San Sebastian

Yes, they have 24 hour service at the local funeral home in San Sebastian

A home along the narrow cobblestone street.

 So, this was just one day while my sister and I were on our short holiday... yet it left a deep appreciation for what we saw, and what we learned about the people of this area of Mexico.

This kind of trip makes me very thankful, and less whiny about the fact that I can't retire yet...what do I have to complain about, as we have so much here in the US to be thankful for.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Colorful Friend from Mexico....for Camera Critters

As you can see, we finally got in to our room in Mexico..and I will cover that later..

I just thought I would show you this great looking parrot we saw on a coffee farm in the mountains near San Sebastian in Mexico...(for Camera Critters)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Blue Door...

My sister and I are in Pto Vallarta Mexico and after 3 nights away from the downtown area have come down to the "old town" part of PV for some new adventure...we found some new adventure on our first evening here!

We got to our rented condo, which is a quaint small apartment overlooking a cobblestone street across from the Tropicana Hotel.

We were told that we must always lock the big blue door,which is the street door. When we arrived, the door was not shut, so we just came on in..and of course shut the door behind us.

After going up the  cobblestone steps to our cozy casa, we unpacked and left with just our small purses to explore.

We arrived back at the blue door around 11:00 pm...and the big key for the big blue door did not work. Not good...

I had thrown my cell phone in my bag, thank goodness. When we got back we could not get the door to unlock.

 The bad news is, all the numbers for our local contacts were  in the casa..and we were not!
So here we sit on a small cobblestone street, and a giant locked door, late at night...

to be continued...