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Monday, October 12, 2009

My Family thinks I am OCD...

I have always felt strongly about something I am interested in. It may be a compassion for a political viewpoint...or an interest in something specific.

If this thing has grabbed really grabs me! I think it is a good thing..they may not!
My horses and dogs have held a lot of this kind of outside interest in my life, my faith as well.

Well, since I bought my new camera.. this is the new OCD interest, or so they think. I just know, I love the art aspect of photography...and photo editing.

The difference is, I have always loved art, wanted to study art (did at college for a while), love many kinds of art, and many funky art type stuff.

When I was in high school, to get involved in photography, meant developing your own film, big turn off to me. With Digital technology, the whole ball game has changed for the amateur photographer.

Now I am playing with photo this is a really fun challenge, as there is a learning curve for sure as I move up the photo edit food chain!

I will post much of what I do on Mt Forest Pictures, but the stories really are here, as this is Jan's Place!

So, I just got done playing with some tweaky kind of edit options.. what do you think?

I call this...Funky Burro!
Click on get more funky effect!

I am going to be doing some strange see what I can do. They say it is good for an old mind to be stretched!

Hang in there, and let me know if you think I am going overboard!


  1. A love of photography and OCD often go hand in hand, so nothing to worry about there!

    In fact it's probably one of the reasons my husband and I are a perfect match. He's an OCD in all things photography and I'm an OCD in practically everything else. Even my cat Katie has her OCD moments.

    PS-I love the title photo on your blog. The font is great too. : )

  2. It would take a lot to be too much for me!LOL Play away and have fun!!!

  3. Can't wait to see all of your future photo experiments!!

  4. I have come to realize that my photography habit is a solo thing. My hubby just doesn't get it. My kids are tired of me taking their pictures so I have to find some new subjects...

  5. You are only part-time OCD - most photographers are. As photographers, we have to control or create light and how light is controlled depends on the quality of the picture. Keep it up.

  6. Love your post...I must be too!!! LOL..I too loved the art of photography and loved creating an artful shot..but frankly could not afford to play with all the film. But my digital camera..oh boy..I am in heaven. The photo editing is like quick artwork..amazing and so very much fun. Here is to being an OCD photographer!! Let Fly girl!! Sarah

  7. Funky Burro - very nice! I think it's great to continue to explore and learn. Have at it and keep sharing!

  8. Your burro looks like he's jumping off the page..pretty neat! What editing program are you using? I love to play with special effects altho I'm not good at it...just something I can get lost in for hours!

  9. Such a cool post and photo! I've always had a yen for a burro, since I was 2 ft. high, and love driving by fields of them in our area. Sigh...

  10. I can get a good obsession going fairly easily too! Nothing wrong with that. Especially when someone is as talented as you!

  11. It is going to be interesting to see what you come up with! I am not creative at all, so this kind of thing always fascinates me....

  12. Are you kidding??? I'm totally hooked on photo-editing. It's sooo much fun, and it really gets the creative juices flowing... which you have an incredible amount of.
    You go girl...

  13. I might be a little OCD or ADD or a combination of both. WOnder who I got it from?

    Love the blown up burrow, he would look so cute in my field.

    Hey what happened to your button? I realized I do not have one on my page.

  14. I'm an OCD gal, too. My daughter, as well.
    A few years ago I was obsessed with Mount Everest and climbing. I went to the library and read every book that involved climbers, the BIG 14 peaks and anything about Man versus the Mountains. And then I got into hiking the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Coast Trail and read everything about that that I could, too.

    I tend to immerse myself totally in something until I am completely satiated and can move onto something new.

    I don't see that with photography as there is always something new to learn and new subjects to photograph.
    I love your funky burro. That's a very cool effect. It appears that the tail is spinning the air. hehe!

    Wait until you see my Sunday Stills post this week. Ed got us into the Photo Editing last week, and now I'm on an photo editing OCD focus for the Letter C! lol!


  15. I like your 'funky burro' especially when the photo is enlarged! Very cool!

  16. Must give that a try--though if it's obsessive, maybe I shouldn't!

  17. Aww I love funky burro! He si soo cute, I really like the ripple effect following his tail like it is swishing around. And the dappling once you click the pic and see it full size. Very neat!

  18. Very cool effect, I too find photography a solo affair, when I'm with other folks I feel hurried and need more time..:-))


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