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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dry Falls ..the Worlds Greatest Waterfall without water...and the Wild Hogs

As you all know, we do love our road trips.

While over near Sun Lakes and Blue Lake in Eastern Washington we stopped to see Dry Falls. I am sure you know all about it, after all they say it is the worlds greatest waterfall...without water. Yes, that must of jogged your memory, as it did mine.

Rather then repeat what is listed on the detailed park sign, I am including it, for your reading pleasure..just double click the picture's to take it all in...

While admiring the amazing views, some other sightseers showed up.

Oh my, it was the "Wild Hogs" plus 10.
My husband will watch that movie over and over again, it does not get old!

They were so cute on their bikes, and polite as all get out. They took pictures of each other like they were hanging on for their lives from the rocks.

They asked me to take a shot of them with one of their Nikon's, and of course I was more then happy to do so. I asked if I could also get one on my camera as well.. and being polite as the Wild Hogs are.. they all smiled and posed for my camera as well!


  1. Cool never know who will ride up the trail!

  2. I haven't seen Wild Hogs but would like to. How beautiful and open it is there!

  3. So neat!!! You are indeed fortunate to have such beauty within driving distance. I never heard of the Dry Falls -- and I was a geography nerd and waterfall fanatic as a child in gradeschool.....glad I know about it now!

  4. oh no! The Best Husband In The World is a geologist... if I show him this post you know we will be on our way very soon. Great shots of the Wild Hogs...

    ps. I'm still working on shipping details for that stove!!

  5. Oh that place is gorgeous!! What fun with the Wild Hogs LOL!!!

  6. this is very neat... i've never heard of these falls before and it looks wonderful!

  7. My favorite is the third photo down ... man, what a spectacular view! Love how the Wild Hogs got all creative and adventurous about their posing by making it look like they were hanging onto the cliff for dear life. Looks like a good time was had by all.

  8. Oh, that is so funny Jan. I'm expecting to see wild boar since yesterday it was horses. But, this is much better. LOL

  9. My neighbor and I went and looked at motorcycles after watching that movie


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