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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Remember Cicely Alaska..from Northern Exposure?

Roslyn Washington, is famous as "Cicely Alaska" for the TV show Northern Exposure.

Yes it is true, the Northern Exposure's Cicely Alaska was filmed in Roslyn Washington, and not in Alaska.

It is a small old mining town, just 90 miles east of Seattle. You will find it just as you go over the top of Snoqualmie Pass on I90, and drop over the other side of the mountain.

Does this lower picture look a bit familiar? Just envision a moose walking in front of it...

I don't know what I was thinking, I should of got a picture of the" Brick Tavern" from Northern Exposure, as I am told it is still there. Next time...
The real history for Roslyn, other then those who come by to get pictures of the Northern Exposures spots of interest, is that of an old mining town.

This little town has lots of history..not related to Northern Exposure. The deadliest mining accident in Washington State history happened here. In 1892 there was a mine explosion that killed 92 miners, and because the mine tunnels were under the town, the hot oil that spewed out of the tunnels actually caused 20 roof fires as well. You can read more here. It is an interesting piece of local history.

At this time, you find this wall art in the most unexpected places in Roslyn... my header picture was taken in Roslyn!

Marlon Brando( below), was also in Roslyn, at least on the side of a building...

Now.. it is time for another road trip to Roslyn... I will have to find "The Brick", after all I love any excuse I can find to go to fun places like this to take pictures!


  1. I haven't been to Roslyn in years! It is such a cute little town.
    When I worked in Seattle, I had an employee that lived in Roslyn and would make that drive 5 days a week! That's a commute!

  2. Wow those are some cool historical buildings!! Love the pictures of them!! Never been there so thanks for sharing!

  3. I loved that TV show. It was one of the most creative. Thanks for sharing. Great pictures. Very vivid colors on the buildings.

  4. Wow, I did not know that. That was one of my favorite shows. We have some of the seasons on DVD. Thanks for the interesting facts and loved the photos

  5. That was my favorite show! I had no idea where it was filmed. Those are some really great wall murals as well! This was a very interesting post for me. I'm going to read the 'other' history of Roslyn. Thanx! Oh and thanx to Missy, I'm going to cruise over to ebay and see if I can find some of the Northern Exposure DVDS. Didn't know they were ever released. Thanx again!

  6. that was neat! but so sad about the miners! glad you get to travel...we have a hard time finding farm sitters...

  7. oh it looks like such a cute and vintage little place to visit...

  8. I really enjoyed that show. I couldn't miss it. They were so off the wall with their writing and yet is was such a believable show. Thanks for sharing all of the photos. The murals are great.

  9. Y'know, that really was a great show.
    Loved your post today, very interesting and entertaining, great pics as always. Those murals are really something!

  10. Never saw the TV show...not to keen on being at the same place every week same time!LOL Looks like a charming little town!

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