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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Find Me Friday..

Here it is time for some hiding and finding...

It appears Miss Delilah is hogging the shots..
Notice that the picture next to "peaking in the window" Delilah is...Delilah!

And is that the antique pony having a nice roll over there?

Please join in with Ali over at Find Me Friday!


  1. Looks like heaven on earth to me!
    Love the pic of kitty looking in, peeking!

  2. Yep, I see the horse, it took awhile but there he is. Your new sides of decoration about blew me away but I do like them. They just pop up at you at a later time while you are looking at pictures. Nice barn boards and sunflowers too.

  3. Aww Delilah is such a pretty kitty and your pony is so cute, I love it when they roll!

  4. Every time I see a horse roll, I just get this wonderful know it's got to feel great!

  5. Thanks for your comment !
    More about Scandinavian houses you'll find in here !

  6. Looks like Delilah has plenty of great places to explore.

  7. What a beautiful area. I would love to have a walk here.


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