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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Any country folk out there...with limited internet access like me?

Just a little rant...

We just made the change to Wild Blue Satellite Internet (I like the sound of that.. Wild Blue).

Anyway, we finally found that Clearwire was just not working for us. I am hoping we did not make a mistake with Wild Blue, as the speeds seem slowwwwww.

We do not have Comcast, or any kind of FIOs.. darn. I suppose most of you do, and am thinking that is high on the 'must have' list when we move someday.

I just hate that we are surrounded by homes that would pay for good internet if we could just get it,....urrrrr!

I do have a Palm Pre Smart-phone which has 5G of free "Hotspot" to use each month. Get this, it actually is the fastest of all! I just feel limited with 5 Gigs..

It is very frustrating to know how dependent I am on the internet...

So, any feedback from you all, did I make a mistake?

Thanks for letting me vent for a moment.. !


  1. It has to be frustrating. We just fought the lack of connection to a tower in Maine. We had to drive around with our car to find bars and then hoped the family we were calling were also in a the right spot to receive our call. I am in a small town with a small telephone company that just won't give up. I see that they are installing a large dish that will improve the speed of what we pay so much for and wait for it to work.

  2. Jan, we are using the Sierra Wireless 3G through our local supplier and it too is a pain! Low bars, loss of signal. All that stuff. Our County is doing a survey and we are hoping that a few more towers will go up soon. Pure satellite is too expensive and we tend to lose signal anytime it 1. rains. 2. snows 3. whenever it feels like it.
    Good luck!

  3. I am a city girl with city internet...but there are times we also have issues. I don't think there is any fool proof way to stay connected or move as fast as we would all like. I do find if everything is too slow to restart my computor and it improves dramatically!!! So sorry you have this issue.

  4. hey girl! saw a comment on my email but my stupid iphone must have deleted as i was out of town...miss you! love the barn pic! can't help you on the internet ? since i live in wv. ;)rewrite comment if you have time...take care!

  5. Jan, Great pictures! I tried to e-mail you welcoming you to my site, but your email isn't working.

  6. I have Wildblue. It is slow. There's nothing I've been able to do about it. Also, watch your downloads. There's a monthly limit that they don't exactly let you know about.

    But, they are the better of the satellite internet services. Do NOT get Hughsnet. They were absolutely awful. I'd reach their limit twice as fast, even though it was the same limit, same amount of downloads, etc., and when I moved they made it where I had an extra grand in charges. Wildblue will at least move you for free, although I did have to turn them into the BBB because of a dispute. After I did that, they took care of things a lot better.

    Goodluck! Sadly Wildblue is the best of the worst :(


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