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Sunday, May 31, 2009

What NOT to do with Rat Poison...

It was a beautiful Saturday, the sun was out...and the list of outdoor chores was long, and Caleb's baseball playoff game was later on at 4:00.

The other half was going to go fill the propane tanks for the Barbecue and the Outdoor deck heater, so we would be ready for some wonderful summer days and evenings.

That was until he noticed that the little bar of rat poison he had stuffed inside the door of the Barbecue last fall (when he noticed some mice were taking up housekeeping in there)...had fallen out when he took the propane tank out and put it in the car.

He comes in to tell me that our boy Oscar was chewing on it, when he came back from putting the tank in the car.

Oh boy...there goes my Saturday! I get online and Google: Rat Poison Dogs

1. Make the dog throw up by giving them hydrogen peroxide.
2. Get to vet NOW, as it must be treated before any signs of the illness show.

The first 12 hours are crucial for treating the dog!

I call my vet, and am told "yes" 5 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide should be the right amount for Oscar, and to take him to Emergency vet now, as my vet was closed in 10 minutes. Rats, ( play on words!), now I also get the emergency vet bill, dang there goes my budget for June!

We get the
hydrogen peroxide into Oskie (my term of endearment for him), and than get him into the car. Good dog, he proceeds to throw up! Oh, ugly mess!

The other half feels bad, and off we go to Pilchuck Animal Hospital!

Well, first we show them the remaining rat poison bar, and hand off our boy to be treated for poisoning.

The vet assistant lady comes back and says.."this isn't rat poison, this is birdfood..."

No, the other half tells them, that is rat poison. They come back and say, the vet says it is birdfood, as rat poison has green or blue in it and they ask " can we see the throw up?" Sure it is still in the car (good Oskie for providing the in depth details of his snack). They look, and .sure looks like birdfood?

OK they say, we will treat it as if it is rat poison, but we don't think it is.

Well, the other half had errands (remember the propane tanks needed filling), and ran up to the feed store which is nearby, to do this.

When he comes back, he hands them the package of rat poison he found there.

Hm mm, they take it back to the vet. Both the vet and the assistant come back in 2 minutes, and apologized profusely! They have never seen this particular rat poison before, and even though it was bad for Oscar, they learned something that day and took the details of this brand of rat poison for their records as well. They seemed very shocked that this company did not color the poison bars like the other rat poison companies do.

Well, now we have 30 days of med's for the boy. We expect all to be OK with my Oscar dog, since we got him in quickly!

And I had to kiss $300.00 goodbye, so the idea of a better camera is that much further away!
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  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad (and expensive)day

  2. Wow! What a stressful and expensive day! I hope your little Oskie is doing ok!

  3. Rat poison or bird can a vet NOT know the difference!! How funny!!! But I'm so glad your dog is okay!!!!

  4. Awww, glad to hear the little guy is going to come through OK. Hugs to all of you.

  5. Oh my goodness! Good thing the other half was able to get another pkg to show the vet! That is quite scary - I shudder to think what would have happened if you hadn't insisted with the vet! And I am sorry that they had to learn at your expense. What a Saturday!!!!

  6. I'm glad you got him to the vet in time and got the meds. :-)

  7. poor oskie! i am very sorry this happened. what a stressful and terrible ordeal! prayers to you all for a full recovery!

  8. Oh no! Sorry to hear he got into the poison hope he will be ok, how scary! With Dachshunds here as well, that are into EVERYTHING, they are another reason I don't do poisons of ANY kind around here, scares me too bad. Sorry you had to give up a big chunk of your camera money, but just think, when you get it, you will still have little Oskie to take pictures of. :)

  9. My sister's yorkie did that -- she called me right away and I told her what to do. Then she got him to the vet for a vit. K shot and some meds for a couple of days. It only cost her $60 -- $300 ouch -- that is crazy.

    Hope he is doing ok.

  10. I am so sorry to hear about Oskie! I hope he is feeling better very soon! At least you caught it in time!
    Those emergency vet bills are terrible, believe me, I know! I can't believe the vet didn't believe it was rat poison, if you say it was rat poison, than it's rat poison.

  11. How stressful! I hope you didn't have to pay for the second office visit since it was their oversight.

  12. Aww Shucks, that stinks!!! I'm glad you guys got him there in time and got them to figure out they were wrong!! I'm glad he is OK now :~)

  13. Oh my!!! I would have freaked out!!

  14. oh my goodness... what a sat. but i sure am glad that your dog is ok!

  15. My God, how scarey that must have been!! Poor little guy.....I am so glad he is going to be OK. This could have turned tragic very easily. The emergency vet office that is close to us charges $95 just to walk thru the door!! It adds up fast, doesn't it? But we have to do it.....we gotta take care of these critters!

  16. Yikes! Good for you to keep insisting that your dog needed emergency care and that it truly was rat poison!
    Shame on the rat poison company for not adding color to their poison, too. I think there are laws for protecting pets that way. Which is why the vet was probably so shocked. I would have been, too. Must have been a cheapie company trying to save a buck at the animal's expense.

    My hubby tried to bring home some rat poison last year when we had a mouse infestation in our garage. I refused to use it. It scares me so bad. We only use the humane old fashioned mouse traps. They work good...and fast. And then you toss the dead mouse and there's no mouse crawling into the walls of your house dead to stink everything up.

    Good thing your OH saw him chewing on the poison, or you might have been too late.

    Sorry about the expensive and crazy day. I hope your cute pooch bounces right back and feel better quickly.


  17. Poor Oskie! I am glad you were able to get him to the vet so quick, hopefully all will be well! Its not good they they thought the poison was birdfood, but now they know in case it ever happens to someone else. And what a bummer that you are $300 more far away from your new camera, but you never know what will happen! Hope you have a great week =)

  18. poor puppy :( quick thinking you guys! i am glad he is doing well.

  19. Lady Luck was with you all was a day just wanting a tragedy!!!

  20. glad to hear that Oscar is doing good now..thank god you guys noticed on time!!

  21. Oh, poor you. Poor Oskie. Word of warning on Rat Poison. We had a shepherd who ate a dead rat that had been poisoned and ended up being poisoned herself. Careful with that stuff.
    Glad it all worked out, though I do hate those enormous vet bills.

  22. You are such a good 'mommy'!! I would spend that for my doggies too (did that once for a snake bite). We live in the country and have been lucky that none of our 3 have gotten into rat poison. I think the stuff we use smells bad.

    Thank you for visiting my blog! Your's is nice too. Nice too meet you and God bless. :o)

  23. Found you on ETW's blog - you left a comment about it being 90 in the PNW today so I had to check you out. I grew up in Marysville and judging by your visit to Pilchuck Emergency Vet you can't be too far from my family.

    I have done the hydrogen peroxide thing w/ my doggie too (labradoodle) but I had to pay $30 over the phone to the emergency pet poison control before they would tell me what to do! He ate a lot of oil from a deep fryer. I didn't think to go online - duh - too panicked!

    It sure does work though - a couple teaspoons and up it comes! Glad doggie was ok.

  24. Awwww! Your poor puppy! Glad he's OK, though - as I was reading I was hoping there was going to be a punchline that it turned out to be bird food...ack! At least now that vet has that type of rat poison in their files...I guess that means Oscar's ordeal wasn't for naught! :)


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