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Monday, February 21, 2011

Oh my, my neighbor saw the cougar!

Yep, here it is 3 months after Milli's demise, and I received an update on the villain cougar who took our little Milli.

So you have an idea of our area, we actually are not that far off the beaten track. Every one of the seven families on our road has 5 acre parcels. The neighbors around us have anywhere from 1 acre to 10 acres as a rule. Still, not the feel of isolation from society.

The neighbor directly across the street told me they saw the cougar out their back window, 3 weeks ago. It was their teenage son who saw it, and they said it was a big cat, much bigger then he had expected.

Guess what, they also said the deer have bedded down under the tree's in their back yard in the past as well. I mention this, as the wildlife agent said the cougars love deer, and not as a friend.

Cougars have there own territory they cover, and he seems to be showing up regularly. I continue to stay on alert to keep the other dogs from meeting the same visitor as Milli did. I also make lots of noise when I go to the barn at night!

What was really confusing at the time of the attack, was that we also had a bear in the neighborhood at the same time, who was enjoying the fruits of the neighbors garbage cans. He was helping himself to the cans and the fillings as well. He was carrying off the cans and then after getting the garbage out, eating and rolling in the refuge...yuck!

Oh my how a little house in town can be so appealing to me at times like this....(sigh)


  1. You all be careful and I am still sure you are still feeling heartbroken about little Milli and I know you still grieve her sad ending. I am sorry for you and I know that it is just part of life, but why does it have to hurt so badly and happen to innocent little fur babies. We live in town and we still have some wildlife here, so you can not run from it, you just have to be aware.

  2. Love your photo of sweet Milli as your header shot. The cougars must be extremely villianous, or desperate this winter. Has it always been this way? It just doesn't seem that they would go after a sweet little corgi girl otherwise.
    If you're out in the country though...anything can happen, with such horrid, sad results. Bless you for carrying on. It must be hard. We have a possum living under our deck, and I worry about that thing attacking our two corgi kids. Cougars would be very unpredicatable. Take care all!

  3. wow...that sounds really scary -- a cougar and a bear???? we live in a similar situation as you, based on your description, and the scariest thing we have ever known about is coyotes...BE CAREFUL OUT THERE!

  4. We don't have cougars...but coyotes are in both areas even though the PNW home is in the city. We are close to the park system and they do appear from time to time. We have a Bob cat that frequents the desert stables but does not see to be a problem. Even though we are in a gated community and have a high wall around our & dog come inside before dark!!! I am so sorry your little Milli had this tragic end. my heart aches for you!

  5. Ugh! I hope the bear and the cougar stay away from your place and your critters keep out of harms way! I'm glad all we have to worry about out here are coyotes! Stay safe my friend {{hugs}}


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