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Friday, March 4, 2011

Horse changes ahead...

I have had my two Paint "pasture ornaments" almost since they were born.

Zoe is the palomino, and will be 20 in June. We have had her since she was 2.

Betsy is a Strawberry Roan Sabino, and will be 16 this year. We have had her since she was 6 months old.

I know that some of you do not have kids this as you can imagine, they are really part of our family and we are very serious about what happens to them.

My daughters almost consider them "sisters"!

So this is where we are. My husband and I are making decisions as to our future, and know that the horses really need to be somewhere where they actually are being loved on more (and often) and have a good horse life... 

We rarely ride the horses, and know that they are very expensive pets! We also think we are ready to size down as we prepare for retirement in the hopefully not to far off future.

They are great horses and were started with professional trainers when they were 3. I think they probably had about 3-6 months professional training, so are broke to ride with no buck in them. They are broke to ride sweet horse's, and easy to be around.

It is important that they are not split up if at all possible, as they are each of the family.

They are both healthy and sound and had not been abused or pushed hard when they were young, which is why I think they are still sound. 

We think we have found the perfect place...

The future home we have found is an answer to prayer, and a "God " thing we think! 

It is very difficult to know that the home you are sending your horse to, will be a good home. The home is more important then selling them to just anyone. 

Many folks would jump at the chance to take a horse, that is being given to them...but I would not consider that to someone I do not know, or cannot confirm that they will do as they say. 

Having a horse now days is not an inexpensive venture, even if you have your own property. Also, keep in mind a nice big grassy field is an invitation to trouble if you do not schedule their time on the fields... to much rich grass can lead to many health issues, some that will be lifetime (laminitis for one..and you want to avoid this at all cost..)

The cost for upkeep (feed being a really expensive cost) as well as trims/shoes, vet upkeep, etc is more then many can commit to. The decision to own a horse is a serious and expensive commitment.

So before I share our decision for my two girls (horse girls of course) I ask you..what would you do?

I am curious what others would do in my situation...


  1. Jan, we too will soon be facing this dilemma. We have only had our horses for 6 years and it will be hard to part with them. I pray that when the time comes, we too can find good homes. Who wants a 30+, 22+ and 8 year old horse? Life is full of hard decisions!
    I guess i will keep on as long as I can, and hope for the best.
    Good luck on finding a resolution.

  2. Jan...I know how you have struggled with this and I don't think there is a correct answer...only the one that works for you and your horses! I do hope the find their forever home at a place you can visit them!

  3. I'm sure if you have checked out the new environment - made sure it is safe and perfect for the horses, then they'll be happy there. I wish you lived closer. I have a friend with a stable and lots of land who loves horses. :-)

  4. You've described your dilemna very would be a tough decision. Follow your gut, and your heart, and you'll never be led wrong.

  5. If you have already found the perfect home then that is very good news. I've found there are very few people I can trust to take care of a horse properly and that is why I quit raising them. I got tired of having to rescue my babies. I understand our dilemma and hope the best for you all, whatever you decide. It's not easy to keep horses. The older ones are always extra-special--they seem wise beyond their years :)


Thank you for your comments...I mean really...Thank you for taking the time to do that.. how nice of you!