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Monday, December 7, 2009

Remember when you were little and....Todays one little Memory

Oh, I bet there are a lot of stories out there...of Christmas at your house.. I would love to hear them!
I was thinking back, and realized I do have some different memories of different Christmas'. I decided to reminisce a little bit as the big day draws near!

I was a huge sucker for Santa for many years, just plain gullible! When we first moved to Washington, I remember a Christmas Eve we (4 kids) were commanded to walk around the block. Hey, it is dark and cold and we are not that old..but my big brother Dale lead us on our Journey in the Wilderness.... around and around we marched... oh wait, wrong story.

OK, so we trek around the block, and can you believe... Santa came while we were gone? How in the heck did he do that?

When we came back, we found out we had just missed him.
I was really bummed out, as I needed to have a talk with him.

I was sure a pony would be delivered and left under the tree, but alas this was not in my cards for a few more years of trekking in the horseless wilderness...

What memory just popped into your head... from when you were young?


  1. love the pony pic! I used to love watching all the Xmas specials, especially the claymation ones like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Today I like eating cookies and Stollen.

  2. love that pony pic!!! we always traveled up to vermont...the winter scenes were spectacular and it was very exciting to visit our beloved grandparents.

  3. btw, i was not up at 2:26 am!!! it is 5:30 here!

  4. I posted about a memorable Christmas ornament's over 50+ years old. Oh what memories!

    I loved the part that you were sorely disappointed in missing the big guy...that you and he needed to talk!! Loved it.

    Great idea for a wonderful, warm post.

  5. Whenever or where ever we travel I buy a Christmas ornament. I just love unboxing everything once a year and as we decorate our tree reminising about all the places we've been. It's a wonderful trip down memory lane...

  6. Oh what a cute story, I can imagine how you must have felt! And I just love that pic of the horse under the tree, what a little (or big!) girl's dream!

  7. That horse under the tree is priceless! We had a large neighborhood growing up and they'd get two dads to do "Santa", but they'd each go to the opposite end of the neighborhood from where they lived. My dad did Santa one year and decided to make a surprise visit to our house. I recognized his wedding band! :-)

  8. Santa used to ring the doorbell on Christmas Eve and leave my gifts before I could get to the door.

  9. haha! Cute picture.
    I waited 43 years to finally own my horse. My lesson from all my waiting? Be careful what you wish for....


  10. I LOVE that card! I did a double take...a little girl's dream come true ;)

    We used to do the same thing with Santa only we'd take a look at the town's Christmas lights. Miraculously, Santa would come when we were gone...drat!

  11. i love this post.. and i LOVE your header too!!!

  12. Precious! Love that horse beneath the tree. LOL

  13. SOOO one of the biggest things I remember as a child is that I was SO sure for years that Santa was not real!!! And every year I would ask my mom if she was pulling my leg and she'd always say NO!! WELLL one year I in all honesty woke up and needed a drink so I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen and there she stood!!! My mom stuffing the stockings LOL!! I told her then she was definitely busted!!

  14. My favorite memory is that for a few years we would stay up until midnight on Christmas Eve to watch "A Christmas Carol" -- the version with Alaistar Cooke (spelling???) as Scrooge.

    That horse under the tree is reallly something...wonder who had to clean up after that one???


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