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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Blue Door...

My sister and I are in Pto Vallarta Mexico and after 3 nights away from the downtown area have come down to the "old town" part of PV for some new adventure...we found some new adventure on our first evening here!

We got to our rented condo, which is a quaint small apartment overlooking a cobblestone street across from the Tropicana Hotel.

We were told that we must always lock the big blue door,which is the street door. When we arrived, the door was not shut, so we just came on in..and of course shut the door behind us.

After going up the  cobblestone steps to our cozy casa, we unpacked and left with just our small purses to explore.

We arrived back at the blue door around 11:00 pm...and the big key for the big blue door did not work. Not good...

I had thrown my cell phone in my bag, thank goodness. When we got back we could not get the door to unlock.

 The bad news is, all the numbers for our local contacts were  in the casa..and we were not!
So here we sit on a small cobblestone street, and a giant locked door, late at night...

to be continued...

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  1. Oh heavens!!! We dis something very similar in Rome one time...Actually, Puerto Vallarta is one of our favorite places to vacation, and we LOVE the old town section. Can't wait to hear Part 2!


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