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Friday, April 6, 2012

My little Cavalier King Charles cross, Charlie

I have been away, and hope to see some old friends again as I come back to the land of Blogging.

One thing that happened to me last year, was my little black furry blessing from the Humane Society. I have always, yes always, wanted a King Charles Cavalier. Preferably a black with tri-tip coloring.

Well, when I had vowed not to add to my then reduced menagerie, I made the mistake of stopping in the local Humane Society when traffic was bumper to bumper, to wait for traffic to clear up.

I wandered by all the dogs, and felt so bad that they ended up there, but glad they have hope for now. Then after walking by his pen 2-3 times, I actually looked closer at this little black fellow, they called "Barney". Hmmm,  could that possibly be a Cavalier cross???

He was the right size, not even 16 pounds. Not very tall, and so sweet.

Well to cut my story short, he won my heart at that moment.

Now he is "Charlie," and I think he is the happiest dog I have ever had, with his tail always wagging, and  I really think he smiles!!!

Oscar has resigned himself to the fact that Charlie is here to stay...and  I think he really liked the period of time he got to be an only dog, but now Charlie is the reason Oscar gets more exercise, both in the house and in the yard.

This is Charlie with my lovely granddaughter Elise. As you can see, she is smitten with him like me!

Did you know that the black dogs and cats are the hardiest to get homes at the shelters?
They say it is because they are hard to get good pictures of.  Take a closer look at these critters when looking, they are special too!

All I know is that in person this is a shiny beautiful dog, that I feel very fortunate to call my dog!

Life is Good!


  1. Ahhhhh....I have my Lizzy Rose, a tri colored Cav and yes...the tail is always wagging and they do smile all the time! enjoy Charlie...and welcome back :)))

  2. Awww Jan, he is so cute!! So glad he was chosen by you to give him a wonderful home. And it is good to hear from you, I hope all is well. We've been a little sad, we just lost Bo last weekend, it was very strange. I just posted about it. Well, I will talk to you soon! =)

    1. This blog thing that doesn't auto post a comment will be the end of me! I just saw your comment today..from MAY! I am so sorry about sorry. I hope to be blogging more, as my life is taking some new direction as well. Take care my dear!

  3. Sweet little dog! He is so lucky to have found a good home!


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