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Sunday, December 28, 2008

This is not your average Christmas in Snohomish Washington, that is for sure!

I worked 1 day out of 6, and if I didn't have vacation time, it would of been worse!

We had power outages 3 times, for as long as 24 hours. No Christmas Eve Family get together. No power on Christmas day. No gathering of my kids and theirs for Christmas gift giving..we did get out for dinner at Tamis' on Christmas night.

The snow is very pretty, as long as it stops, and than goes away.. which it did not do!

At some point the reality hits, that this is not going to stop, and how much snow does it take to make a roof cave in, or a deck?

The dogs could get lost, as the snow just kept getting higher than they are, and they had to stay on the trails they had created over the week long period.

Oh, and you know having horses during a time like this is also an added issue. So, you can have a sack of grain in the trunk of the car...can't get it to the barn.

And speaking of the many times can we get the car stuck before we finally give up?

My Saab convertible was stuck at the bottom of our hill for 2 days, and than stuck twice, in our own driveway. It is still stuck as I type.

We have had to have people pick us up, at the end of the road, so we could get to two functions in the last 2 days.

I want my freedom back! I thing a house on a small lot, walking distance to a store sounds pretty good right now. I am tired of country living!

This picture was taken on Dec 20th, it snowed for 4 more days...

Please snow, go away....and become a distant memory, please..


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