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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Heathcare Reform..gotta love this Van.. wish there were more like it....

I received an email recently, and could not pass up the opportunity to share this one.
I have asked this same question...shouldn't it make you skeptical of this government plan?

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more is a congress.

--John Adams

Give the people the same health care as their elected officials!!!

Fight organized crime: Re-elect no one...


  1. It is the bloody truth and they all think we are stupid in Washington! If we complain we are ignorant and the left resorts to name calling! I was in the hospital for 6 days in Scotland under the UK NHS health system. I really got a I had a front row seat of what they want to stick us with here. Old ladies crying for 5 days in pain waiting to be sent to surgery to fix broken hips. I spent 2 months at home bedfast because I did not get enough treatment there because the NHS cookbook for staph infection was not aggresive enough. My friends I met in the hospital are not getting the appropriate treatment or therpy! I know we are headed for the same thing if we do not stop it as a country! we are being shafted by those punks on capital hill. You can read more on my blog dates in August.

  2. Very scary time ahead. I know the Canadians not all that happy with their health plan either. That's why so many come to MN for health care!

  3. Sing it Sista! Say it like it is!

    Makes me think maybe giving OUR work van a paint job might be in the works ;)

    Have a wonderful day Miss Jan!

  4. Interesting indeed. I'm afraid it will be a mess. Hopefully not. But 2/3 of Congress are Lawyers.

  5. We are in so much trouble if that passes. I wish there was a van like that around here! People need to wake up!!

  6. It really doesn't matter what they try to push down our throats, it is a corrupt bill of goods. I am glad that the people are finally getting the message that we are going to be a communist country, not socialists. When the press and the politicians believe they are in charge, they really are in charge, unless we wake up and remind them that we pay the bills.

  7. Thanks for putting this up. People need to have their eyes open and know the truth.

  8. OMG...I love this! I am so tired of reading blogs that are in support of this diabolic "reform" health care that they are trying to shove down everyone's throat. People for it keep claiming that it works in other countries. Well it might, but it isn't run by our government and is not set up like theirs. How can people who are loosing their jobs afford this new plan and though the will be "subsidized", they still will not be able to. I think I may be one that will be headed for jail!
    Great post...don' get me started!!

  9. Good for you speaking up and sharing this van's message! Way to go!


  10. First off Jan I LOVE the new header picture!! I think it's my favorite thus far!!!

    And I give you a HUGE AMEN on this post!! I love that you posted this!!!!

  11. AMEN! I agree with your other readers and am very glad that you posted this! People need to know and quit hiding their heads like ostriches! Linda from Corgi Country

  12. And how about the 3.8% we will pay to the federal government on the sale of any home, in any state, along with 3.8% tax on any rental property, to help pay for Obamacare? It's part of the bill.


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