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Sunday, November 29, 2009

My 1 year Anniversary and why do we blog?

I had no idea what blogging was, last year at this time. I wasn't sure how to access blogs..and once I found out how to do so, I had to figure out how to find people with like interests. My world opened up! So here I am, 222 posts later, who would of guessed!

Initially it started because my daughters blogged. I really didn't think I had anything to say that anyone else may care to read about, but the challenge was there.

I guess I may be a closet " kinda, sorta, wanna be writer" (of what I don't know!) Maybe you are too!

The ironic part is I write for a living..sorta crazy I guess.
I write all day long, and then come home
and (time permitting)
either write or read some more.

I have found new friends, and read about your lives and families (both two legged and four legged). Many of you I can so relate too, either because you are in a place I was in when I was younger, or you are in a place in this time of your life I am in now!

I have talked about my faith, my politics, my family, my critters, my roadtrips and the weather with our wet & gray Pacific NW.

I have rambled about miscellaneous nothing, and about personal loss. I have been encouraged and comforted by you, people who I don't know, but who have taken the time to hit the "comment" button to say something to me.

Blogging is huge, it is a means to communicate and have contact with others. Did you know we were created to need others? No wonder this blogging stuff is so huge.

People who feel lonely, or low, who feel something is missing in their

People who are outgoing and have so much to say, who are naturally like a magnet to other people, they blog as an extension of their outgoing nature.

People who have strong feelings about their faith, their politics, and their hobbies and interests...they blog.

People who are shy, can blog as if they are not.

If you have a lot or a little, no worries...we are all on the same playing field in the Blog-sphere.

I don't have to know what your house looks like, if it is big or small, new or old. I don't need to know how it is furnished, if it is clean, or a mess. I don't have to know if you shop at the mall, or at the second hand doesn't matter... ( I will say it can make for a fun blog though to hear about your bargain finds!).

So, as my 1 year Anniversary is technically coming upon me, I want to say ...

Thank You, to all of you.

Thanks for coming by, and for letting me come visit you.
Thanks for having the faith to add yourself as a follower on my Blog, and for leaving comments to encourage me and make me smile.

I have had a fun year, and more then anything have enjoyed your Blogs during this time..
Thank You!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on your 1 Year Blogging Birthday! I also started blogging this past spring, with my year coming up in June. I never would have believed I'd be doing this, but I too enjoy it, having met new bloggers such as you; considering all new friends! Let us see what another year brings!

  2. Congratulations of your anniversary Jan. I started blogging as a way for family to see what we were up to, but it has turned into something more. I'm fairly isolated so it's an added bonus to meet other bloggers such as yourself. Thanks for taking it up and keep it coming.

  3. Happy Blog-iversary Jan! I hope there are many more to come for you~

  4. What a lovely description of blogging. May you enjoy the next year just as much or more.

  5. Happy Blogiversay! So well put about why we blog. I have often wondered why I do but after a week of not connecting to blogging friends, I understand. It's like I've been shut away in solitary confinement! Silly, I know but still feels that way. So glad we do communicate & I look forward to the next year of reading!

  6. happy blog anniversary! i love what you wrote...what type of writing do you do at work? i began to blog as a way to slow my life down after dad died...didn't want time to fly without remembering some of the details..being in the moment while photographing my world gives me a quiet and deep satisfaction.

  7. Happy anniversary! Neat post about blogging, I agree with so many of your thoughts.....and I'm SO glad you started blogging! My mom started blogging because my sister and I did...and then it was like a snowball effect in our family! :)

  8. Congrats on your 1 year Anniversary!! How time flies! I am so glad you decided to blog, and lets us all get to know you!

  9. That's really a nice post. But, I can't believe you've only been blogging for a year, you seem so established.

  10. Happy One Year Anniversary! Have you looked back and reread your postings? Blogging is a personal diary as well as a public one... I hope you have another inspired year of blogging... I know I'll be following!

  11. Congrats on your first year! I recently had my first blogging anniversary too! I also enjoy it.
    Here is to next year!!

  12. Awwwww, sniff, sniff. I loved every word you wrote. So heartfelt and so true. I'm glad I discovered your blog, too. It's a joy to read and to see your beautiful photos, as well.

    Thanks for sharing your life through your blog. And Happy Anniversary!


  13. Congratulations to you or your year of achievement. It is a wonderful thing. I started blogging because I wanted to start to sell art work, and I didn't know how to blog. Now I get so much feedback that I won't stop my social blog ever.
    The one thing I worry about is that I may be following someone, like a little brother tagging along, and the person doesn't say get lost. I worry that I look foolish if I am tagging along to a person who really has their exclusive club.
    It really has been a pleasure to follow your blog, and the things I learn from all over the country and also I learn from you too. I haven't been up a year yet, but I am glad I can be here and share life with everyone. Your blog is so great so don't change and keep posting.

  14. Yes Congratulations on your one year anniversary!
    When I started I was like you, what is this strange thing called blogging? I did not think I would ever find it interesting or anyone would be interested in my thoughts or pictures, but they are! I actually are quite attached to my blogging friends! Glad you are one of the ones I read!

  15. You know where I shop and whether my house is messy. I am glad you have found a fantastic outlet to share what goes on in your head. I have learned about you from your blog and that came as a surprise.

    Happy Birthday!

  16. JAN!! Happy 1 year Anniversary on your Blog!!! You bring as much joy into our lives as well!! You are an awesome blogging friend and I love reading your posts and looking at your wonderful pictures, so THANK YOU for sharing your life with us!!

  17. bloggy land is pretty awesome isn't it?!?!

    congrats on your anniv.!!!!

  18. Congratulations on the anniversary -- I believe I have been doing this about a year as well....but you are so correct in this post. We all do get to know each other. I refer to everyone as "my blog friends." When I don't get a chance to read or post I really miss it. Looking forward to another year!

  19. Happy anniversary! I feel the same way, living in a town of 49 people blogging is one of the few ways I have to connect with others. Keep up the good work!

  20. Same sentiments, I must ahve started the same time as you. I was a wannabe writer, and still is. I left my book without looking for a publisher, but this is fun, met so many great friends like you.

    Improved my photo taking and my keen awareness of the environment around me.

  21. I've been blogging for about a year also, and like you, didn't know what it was or how to get started. But I'm glad I figured it out, too, because I love it! I love telling everyone about horses, and taking pictures of the new grandbabies. Blogging is a way to lkeep in touch with others! In my family, my daughter starting blogging after I did! lol


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