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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dinner time...winter, spring, summer, or fall...

Some things do not change...

Even as I sit here and share Betsy's dinner time look, I know that when I get up in a few minutes and go down to the barn, this is who will be waiting for me.

Hello mom, where is our dinner????

When I was horseless after years of having horses and my kids were small, I would wake up feeling panic...

I forgot to feed the horse!

Oh wait, I don't have a horse...

That was not just once or twice, but many many times.
I suspect that the day will come when I may again not have horses, as they really are pretty expensive pasture ornaments.

There was a time when I was young, I could never imagine being without horses. As I get older..I understand how life brings change, and this may also be a change in my life someday, to again be horseless.

When that time happens, I suspect it will be like losing a part of who I am.
You know, we have "O Heavens To Betsy" who is 14 and have had her since she was 6 months old.

We also have Zoe (Nugget A Gold) who is 18, and we have had her since she was 2. Some of you folks don't have kids that old!

So, no matter what, I will always be a horse woman...with or without a horse.
It is who I am.


  1. I too have the same kind of dreams ( horse anxiety kind)bit hope that no matter what I can always have a horse if even to walk with me when I am old!

  2. I hope that I will be able to always have horses in my life. I don't know if I could ever not have them. I don't think I would know what to do if I didn't have them!

  3. Oh Jan! My Button looks great!! Oh I don't want you to be horseless!! But I do understand exactly what you are saying... Kind of a sad thing...

  4. The animals feed our soul. We are caretakers of another life. Even my silly birds, keep me on my toes as the routine is so similar that I have to check on myself to get the job done. I guess I need a clendar to check it off each day. It is ok though, all I have to do is go look at there cage, and I like to do that.
    The border collie is a different story. He can look up at you with his big brown eyes and then glance to the dog biscuit container and melt your heart. No sound needs to be made to get food. I know you know this already, but they are all family and we love them.

  5. I so agree with you. I too am a horse woman though I haven't owned one is years. No matter where I am if I see one you can count on my head spinning to see it. I can tell you where they all are on my drive to work. They are just the best.

  6. I can so relate to this post! When we moved to ND, it was to the "city" and not a farm. Tough decision as to what to do with our beloved four legged creatures. We placed them in homes that were loving with the caveat that if anything was amiss or wasn't working call & no questions asked. During that time, I would wake with the same thought..."I didn't do the horses this morning!" Needless to say, we got a call and now I no longer get that feeling...I'm still feeding and have this beautiful creature waiting for me at the gate..nickering his hello. Isn't it great?

  7. Awww horses are just wonderful, I hope you have many more years of enjoyment from yours. Just being able to look out the window and see them in the pasture is such an awesome feeling, I can't imagine not having them out there!

  8. I love your blog look. And I can't imagine that feeling, but I am having some of the same anxieties..because i DREAM of having a horse so bad. You are very lucky to have these loving animals in your life. And of course i love Betsy's name!! Ha! Ha! You offered for me to come ride your pony (in your thank you card.) I just might have to take you up on that some day! Betsy and Betsy should ride together some time don't ya think?

  9. Cousin B (Betsy!), yes, I think you and O Heavens to Betsy need to ride together someday! She is rusty from lack of use, but is a good little mare who needs to have a job, other then looking pretty!

  10. Those anxiety dreams are really telling. I have dreams where my horses are loose on the expressway....But like you, I cannot imagine my life without horses now that I have had them. I am glad for you that you got horses back in your life...

  11. Hay Jan, I tried to email you but could get through...somthing about not having an account. Could you email me and tell me how to get one of those buttons with the code? that's cool! Thanks...

  12. Jan, we are going to Las Vegas on Dec. 4th for an annual event called Cowboy Christmas. If you want to find out anything else about it check with the Desert Rose, she has gone for a few years and would know alot more than me!!

  13. oh and what a beauty she is!!

    have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!

  14. You are a horse woman! It is certainly a part of you I cannot imagine any other way, they are my sisters with 4 legs.

  15. As much as I've had so many frustrating and painful issues relating to horses this year, I, too can't imagine not having horses in my life. No matter where I am, I always look for some sign of horses. And I can only imagine how sad it will be if a horse isn't there to greet me when I wake up each morning. It gives me a reason to get up and start the day with joy and anticipation.
    This journey has taught me that it's also ok to just BE with a horse. That riding a horse is not the only goal.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and thoughts. I really enjoyed them all. Your horses are gorgeous.



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