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Friday, November 6, 2009

Hello..I am back! Just general rambling,while medicated!

Jumping and skipping, yep that is me !

I am hopping and skipping.. well not really... but compared to 5 days ago, much better. It was the "flu" yes.. my Doc said since the only flu going around is the "Swine Flu", we assume that was it.

I worked yesterday and part of today.. decided not to push it and left early today.
Doc said, as long as temp was gone for 24 hours, not contagious, just do smart stuff like cover your mouth when you cough (DAH!)

So on to the post. We got a new printer recently, and while I was down and out I spent 2 hours on the phone with HP getting the scanner to work with my Mac..that HP guy was a patient jewel, and he got me up and running. I had him on speaker phone, and he would tell me to get myself some water, or medicine or whatever...what a guy!
I give HP a A+ on Customer Service!

So, once that was done while on "down" time, I have found that if I am sitting, I can be scanning old pictures...

My oh my.. I should show you some, don't you think????

You are so going to get so tired of my old pictures ...go ahead, roll your eyes!

I understand (remember they say I am OCD!)...
OK, here we go...

My mom, young and very good looking all dressed up for... I have no idea what!

Below, a picture of me, Tamis (of A Day in the Life) , and my sister Chrys. I think Tamis was about 3.

We had several ponies, and I think this particular one was "Pony Face"

As I recall, he was a bugger, Tamis gets to hold him for the picture and Brea is just enjoying the ride :)
I actually used a feature on the new copier that let me scan this from an old negative. That is why the color isn't there, the negative is so old (sorry Tamis and Brea, I guess that dates you as well !)

And, I love this picture...this was our last pony..and the most wonderful pony ever. Her name was Misty . This was the perfect pony, and I wish I had one just like her now...

She was getting a bath, Brea is scrubbing, you can see Tamis's shoes..she must be holding the pony...again!

This picture below is my ex husbands grandmother, her name was Severina, and she would come to our house and spend hours with Tamis.
Tamis was 5 years older then her sister, so Gramma was her best friend for those 5 years. I believe this is why Tamis is so patient with old folks (like me).

Notice our little parakeet Peppy, he was wonderful, and Gramma did not seem to mind him hanging out with her.

OK.. had to include one of the old guy, er, my other half. This was at our family cabin some years back, on a friends jet sky...

Thanks for hanging in to the end here!!!

So...I sure hope everyone has a healthy fun weekend, I know mine will be better then last weekend!

PS... for all of you party girls from VGNO from over at Ann Again and Again.....I raise my toast of Cough Medicine with you all. Happy VGNO!


  1. Great pictures! Love the one of your mother. Glad to hear your're feeling better. Take care of yourself.

  2. Oh, I love old pictures. Your new header pic is wonderful!

  3. Popping in from VGNO!

    Glad your feeling a little better. The flu hit my home to and we all just kept passing it along. We're all better now.

    Great pics! Love the Pony, that's a little girls dream...

  4. So glad you are feeling better!!
    Great family pictures!!

  5. Nasty stuff that flu! Notice that with the "old flu" people got mad when you missed work? Now with the pig flu they get mad if you go to work!!! Have fun with the new printer.

  6. We picked it up at JFK airport and we had it for a very long time. It really spread into our lungs. You are a lot younger and probably it didn't affect you the way it did us. They are now saying that the most people are over 50 who are dieing here in Iowa from this but they won't vaccinate people over 18. Something is wrong about that. I hope your flu goes away very soon. Take care and don't let it relapse on you.

  7. Good're on the mend!
    I love looking at old pictures...they bring back so many great memories. That little parakeet looks like it would have been great company. Such great ponies...and obviously patient!

  8. I love looking at older pictures... mine, other peoples... it's just fun to look back through the years!

    I love your other photos too-- you have an eye for the camera. And isn't it funny how we use our "sick time" to catch up on things we don't get a chance to do when we're healthy?


  9. I'm so glad you are feeling better!!! Yes that is some horrible flu!! Love all of the old pictures, they are great and speak volumes!!

  10. I'm very happy you are feeling better. But I am mostly amazed that you found good customer service:)

  11. glad to know that you are a little better! love the old pics! especially of your mom at the staircase, how elegant!

  12. Glad you are feeling better! Thanks for sharing the old pics, its so fun to peek into the past. The photo of your mom is beautiful! And Gramma, she looks like such a sweetie. Love the parakeet on her shoulder, reminds me of my mom - she always had a pet parakeet. =)

  13. You have a love affair with ponies. May be I will have better luck with ponies than horse. On the other hand, I might be too heavy for them.


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