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Friday, December 11, 2009

Going to see Santa... Memories

As I shared on the previous post, I had 2 brothers and 1 sister when I was little. I say this, because later...much later ... we got a surprise new sibling, Jill. But that is a story for another day.

We grew up in the Midwest, so you had to bundle up in layers anytime you went out in the cold winter. Mom says she would spend an hour getting everyone's clothes on to go outside.
Out comes all the snow gear; snow overalls, sweaters, winter coats, mittens, hats, scarves.. and finally send the four of us out to play in the snow.

In 10 or 15 minutes one of us would be back in the house... gotta go to the bathroom. So... take it all off, only to put it all back on again.
I am sure we drove her batty.

OK, so this is the one and only picture of the four of us, going to visit Santa.
My brother Ron had recently crashed on his face, and has the sore nose to show for it.

My sister Chris was pretty small and was frightened by Santa. Now that I look again at that Santa's kinda mean, stern and scary face... well, I wonder why we were not all crying!

Yep, looking at the picture now I'm thinking that he was flat out scary for a Santa, no wonder we never went to see him again...

How bout you, how are your memories for visiting the Big Jolly Guy?
Hope they were better then mine!


  1. What adorable little ones you were! I loved taking my girls to see Santa. I kept all their letters they wrote, and framed some of them and gave them as a gift one Christmas.

  2. Wonderful picture to share. Oh- how I have lived with a few of these over the years. As scary as he is - it is a good thing he brings presents.

  3. Scary indeed! Yikes!
    What a great photo to have and gaze upon and remember the "good ol' days!"

  4. Great picture. Drunk grumpy Santa is a classic!

  5. Geez - that Santa would scare the heck out of anyone! My grandfather owned a restaurant and bar and always had a Christmas Party on the Sunday before Dec. 25 for all his employees and their families- He had a big sled in the restaurant dining room and Santa would sit in it and you had to climb up on the sled and sit beside him. I'm pretty sure the Santa was my grandfather, so he was always very nice. And maybe a little drunk. But still nice.

  6. Yep, he looks like a tough old dude. I think it is amazing that your sister didn't fly off the lap as quick as she could. My dad played the Santa Clause one Saturday and handed out the candy for us after our free black and white cartoon movies. Wow, am I old.

  7. That picture is a classic! Yes, the man in the red suit IS scary! You've inspired me to go try and find an old picture of me with Santa. I bet I wasn't smiling either!

  8. Great pic but santa dose not look too jolly..:-)


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