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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Guess What? I have done most of my Christmas Shopping!

You heard me.. almost all of my CHRISTMAS shopping is done! This is an absolute first for me. Of course I suppose I should provide "clear disclosure" and also admit, I have cut back substantially on my shopping this year as well. I am hoping my family follows suit, as I have some commitments :
  1. Remember what the Season is really all about.
  2. Do not buy anything with credit!
  3. And, do we all really need more stuff?
So, who have I shopped for... yes, pretty much the Grandkids.
I did not go overboard. After all, they have more grandparents then most, and plenty of cousins, and Aunts, and Uncles to spare. This means plenty of stuff!

Every year we ( in my family) all say the same thing, stop the shopping madness! And then, as the big day comes closer and closer ... panic sets in, and the very clever marketing of the holiday sales sucks you in.
When it is all over, it is like waking up from a dream and you just want to say...what happened?

So.. I am going to try to make a very conscious effort to stop the madness... and hope my loved ones do the same.
This has been a tough year financially for us, as small business owners.
But hey...maybe someday we will look back and see that maybe we learned something out of this year of stress...

And to the original question you may have ,which is "How did you get that much shopping done so quickly?"
Cyber Monday !
How easy was that, I had Monday off, and didn't even leave my home office to get it done! Plus, it did not take as long as I thought it would either!

Now the tree is going up, and I am going to enjoy my December with Family memories (I hope), more pleasant Christmas music, and less stress.

And..yes I guess I am a bit early for the Christmas templates.
This gives me time to try several fun Christmas themes on my blog during the month. Please
bear with me, I am getting into the spirit of the Holidays, my way!


  1. Both my wife and I are done with Christmas shopping. Our goal is to be done by Black Friday. It allows us to enjoy Christmas. We do pick up several names of children off trees and buy for them.

  2. Oh lucky you!! I haven't even started yet!! And I have DD's Birthday 2 days before Christmas and I have barely started that one LOL!!

    Love the new header!! SO cool!

  3. I'm finished with my shopping too - just waiting on shipping to come in! :-) I need to start my cards and pick up some stocking things (most likely candy).

  4. Oh horse crap...I am soooooo far behind!!! I did get the grandkid's "big" gifts ordered and they will be put together this week. My Xmas cards are shipping to my winter address (oopps) so I will have to wait an addtional week until they get to me. I have been doing gift cards so grown way could I buy for them!!!

  5. It only comes once a year, so you might as well have fun with it. November flew by so fast, that I fear December will do the same, so live like every moment this holiday season is precious and brief.

    I've not done any shopping. And I feel bad because my kids have no rellies, except for my Dad and StepMom, so they don't get pressies from anyone else but us and my Dad. But they have so many things to be thankful for and we are truly blessed in so many ways, that that is enough.

    Merry Christmas to you!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's nice to meet you.

    I love how festive your blog is and I am totally jealous that you are DONE with your holiday shopping. I haven't even made my shopping list yet!

    Great advice on shipping-- "Remember what the Season is really all about."

    Happy Holidays,

  7. i am SO JEALOUS.. most of your shopping.. i really must get on the ball!!

    i LOOOOOOOOOOVE your new header.. so pretty!!

    have a wonderful wkend!!!

  8. You have got the perfect plan!! You will enjoy the Holiday much more this way. We simplified our spending, etc., and it really is better. Have a blessed Christmas!!

  9. Good luck with your plan, and happy holidays!

  10. love your xmas spirit

  11. I love the Christmas season!! Its great that you have finished your shopping so quickly. I haven't hardly done any shopping this year. This year because of finances I'm just giving gifts to nieces and nephews.

    I found you through MAINFO's blog.

  12. You got me beat. Hanukkah starts in 1 week and I have done NOTHING. You can call me Last Minute Louisa this year. ;-)

  13. Wow, you are on the ball! I am cutting back this year, my whole family is. I love gift shopping so it's hard. I like your header, looks like you've been having fun using Picnik? ;)

  14. What a great post!!
    I too decided to keep it simple this year ~ mostly out of necessity(this is the first year that money is an issue) but, it has certainly made me stop and think.
    Trinity and I are making all our gifts this year. Crafty little 5 yr old gifts, simple cards and that's it.
    The rest of the time will be spent with people we love and doing things we actually will remember in years to come.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts on this. We all need to be reminded what the holidays, and life, is all about!!!!


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