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Friday, December 18, 2009

It is almost that time.. 1 week to go, are you ready?

One week away, how are you doing... are you ready?
  • Shopping done?
  • Tree Up?
  • Christmas Music playing?
  • Packages wrapped?
  • Packages mailed?
  • Cards mailed?
  • Decorations all up?
  • Any Holiday memories made so far?
  • Stayed on budget?
  • Made Christmas Cookies?
  • Grocery shopping done?
  • Cleaned up for company?
  • Staying stress free??????
Could you check all of them?

I can't...

Oh well...

I do want to at least achieve the stress free one!

Merry Christmas, and carry on!!!!


  1. I have to be ready - I go in for surgery on Monday and that will take care of any time between now and Christmas - yes, I am ready.

  2. I so not ready. I still have most of my shopping to do. Oh well, I'll get it done!

  3. Oh, oh... I thought I was ready, until I read your list.






  4. Christmas happens whether we're ready for it or not. As long as we're ready, on the inside...that's what's important I guess. Love your wreath~

  5. Holy smokes! I don't even have 1/4 of that list done! lol It is going to be a slim Christmas. Except for dinner! Lots of love to share though:) ((hugs))

  6. Shopping done? No.
    Tree Up? Yes
    Christmas Music playing? Yes

    Packages wrapped? No
    Packages mailed? No

    Cards mailed? No
    Decorations all up? Yes

    Any Holiday memories made so far? Not really.
    Stayed on budget? Sort of.
    Made Christmas Cookies? No.
    Grocery shopping done? No
    Cleaned up for company? No
    Staying stress free?????? Yes....that's why nothing is done. (as I hum "Don't worry, Be Happy" lol!)

    Happy Holidays to you!


  7. i. am. done.... ahhhhh, so nice to say!!!!

    Merry early Christmas!!!!

  8. I'm with Lisa at LOR!! just not in the mood this year. Love your ornament in your header and your wreath is beautiful. Merry Christmas

  9. I have been totally enjoying this month...which has been the present I gave myself this Christmas. It has been wonderful!

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and only the best that the New Year will bring!!


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