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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bob's Corn.. Pumpkins, Hayrides and Corn Maze, family fun!

We have a wonderful local farm that has been around forever..and despite the economy, and the challenges local farmers face just to keep the farm going.. Bob of Bob's Corn has found his way through the "maze" of progress.

In the summer, the sweetest corn you ever want to eat is at Bob's.
He now also has a complete Country Store with so many other fun items, sauces, mustard's, honey, baskets, cheeses, ice cream...

In the fall the Corn Maze opens up, and has become a favorite for our family. We have had the whole family show up to go through Bob's Corn Maze.

He has hayrides, pony rides, a corn cannon (yep, a cannon to shoot corn!)and rides for the little ones.

And pumpkins, of course!

And because he truly invites you to take your time, and have fun.. you may want to get a snack at Sarah's snack bar!

When we first moved out here in 1994, he had cows, now the cows are pretty much gone, and he has horses in the field, so possibly boards some.

I linked to him above, so if you are out this way...go see Bob!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Barn Sale

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I do like to go to those out of the way places. To go to someone's old barn and snoop around..well almost heaven on earth!

The town of Snohomish Washington is known for it's antique stores, and even in the valley at a farm that specializes in roses.. they have a way of filling those antique collectors needs.

While coming home from the feed store, we saw a "Barn Sale" sign for this particular farm business... and I really am glad I went, if nothing else but to take pictures.

I used to collect antiques.. now taking a picture will work just fine for me. I can't justify buying things I don't have the room for anymore.

I can say... I am partial to Kitchen Queen's and have had several. I still have one.
They actually had 3 at this barn sale...

The one I am showing above with the glass doors was one that really caught my eye. If the price was lower, I could of talked myself into it!

I think spinning wheels are so cool...

I also thought the little display of Gnomes was kind of cute!

The garden shed had some fun stuff too....

And so did I grow weak, and buy something?

Yes I did...

The red sign...
It is now hanging above a window in my kitchen.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Is Old Fashioned Romance still alive?

When is the last time you have heard of someone getting proposed to by a "suitor" on bended knee?

Maybe I am just getting to old to remember... but I have got to tell you, I am sure it would make any girl feel like she really is very special.

I have a sister, lets just say a much young sister ( did I just say that?).. like 16 years younger. She has had some challenges, and some discouragements, and I would imagine if she admitted it, some depression due to all of these things that have been huge obstacles in her life.

Without going into details, lets just say that life has happened to her, and for whatever reasons... she has not gotten married.

She really hasn't been involved in any serious relationship either. She got a great college education at the University of Washington, and then worked for a Washington State Government agency for longer than she would like to admit. A job that she hated.

She decided to go back to school and get additional advanced training with some specialties.. and become a teacher. That took a few more years of her life.

After some other major life changes took place, she headed to Las Vegas to except a teaching job there. The cool thing is our Mom lives in Vegas part of the year, so at least she was not totally without family nearby.

Personally, I think she has the perfect teacher's job now. She teaches 1st grade girls... yes girls!

At the school she works at( which is a nice new school) they separate the little boys and girls, as they have found they learn better... interesting huh?

So back to the story... well she has been dating a guy, a really nice guy... from how we are seeing it...

and last night....

he took her out to dinner...a very special dinner ...

and on bended knee...

asked her to marry him!

So, for you women who think it will never happen to you..or your Mom's to be, who are afraid you will never get to be a mom...don't loose faith, and don't stop believing in yourself....

Oh, I also believe that you don't stop trusting in God!

And ...

Congratulations to my sister Jill!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The rainy Pacific Northwest, and flooding...

I know many of you all love it when summer ends, and Fall rolls in.

Well, around here the foliage changes, like most everywhere else, which is lovely for a short while. It is the rain that I don't like. It seems like it just rains all the time, and the sky is gray, a lot!

Yesterday we had a crazy storm come through, and for a short period of time, we has standing water in my walkway, like an inch or so...crazy!

Man, I think it was raining so hard and the wind was blowing hard as well, that the rain was raining sideways!

Now, because it rained so hard, the driveway to the barn and arena has huge rain ruts, and my horses paddocks are muddy and ugly! UGH..this sucks!

The good news is that where we live, flooding will probably not be an issue like elsewhere in this region.

Down in the south part of King County ( Seattle is in King County), they are giving business's and residents a heads up that they will be flooded this year...isn't that a lovely message to receive.

They are actually telling people to get Flood Insurance, because they can guarantee that the Howard Hanson Dam is not going to do it's job, and they will have to release water from it this winter to prevent further damage that was done previously.

My husbands business is in Kent, which has areas of the city that are in this flood zone. He thinks they will be OK, as the shop is higher due to the loading dock. The old building they had been in, is in the flood zone.

The government agencies have had public meetings regarding the flood area, for those residents and business folks to come and find out more. I cannot imagine how awful this is, to those who KNOW they will be effected.

The information I read about the dam says they do not have the funding to complete the repair work... to quote the information posted at the City of Auburn website...

"Issues surround the ability of local jurisdictions to remove debris from the river, dredging and shoring up levees. In order to do any of these activities, there is an extensive review and permitting process that must take place that often take months or years to complete. Due to the current pool restriction at the Howard Hanson Dam, local entities would like to see exemptions made to the current permitting process in order to work on the rivers and levees to protect citizens from potential flooding.

The Army Corps of Engineers is currently seeking funding for the necessary repairs at the Howard Hanson Dam. At this point, there appears to be little funding for these repairs."

Hello out there..where is all this 'help' that my grand kids are going to be paying for? It seems to me fixing a dam should qualify for something?

So here comes the rain, and here comes the flooding for so many folks and business's, who cannot count on help... and can only hope and pray, and buy Flood Insurance at a huge premium.

Then again, these are opportunities for entrepreneurs to create new companies...

Monday, October 12, 2009

My Family thinks I am OCD...

I have always felt strongly about something I am interested in. It may be a compassion for a political viewpoint...or an interest in something specific.

If this thing has grabbed really grabs me! I think it is a good thing..they may not!
My horses and dogs have held a lot of this kind of outside interest in my life, my faith as well.

Well, since I bought my new camera.. this is the new OCD interest, or so they think. I just know, I love the art aspect of photography...and photo editing.

The difference is, I have always loved art, wanted to study art (did at college for a while), love many kinds of art, and many funky art type stuff.

When I was in high school, to get involved in photography, meant developing your own film, big turn off to me. With Digital technology, the whole ball game has changed for the amateur photographer.

Now I am playing with photo this is a really fun challenge, as there is a learning curve for sure as I move up the photo edit food chain!

I will post much of what I do on Mt Forest Pictures, but the stories really are here, as this is Jan's Place!

So, I just got done playing with some tweaky kind of edit options.. what do you think?

I call this...Funky Burro!
Click on get more funky effect!

I am going to be doing some strange see what I can do. They say it is good for an old mind to be stretched!

Hang in there, and let me know if you think I am going overboard!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

End of summer.. and one more "wish", checked off the picture checklist

I mentioned this story on my other blog Mt Forest Pictures, which is more photography related.

We live in an area where in the summer time the hot air balloon come over the valley in the evenings.

I have seen them from afar all summer, and either never had time to go find one close up, or was just not fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Bummer!

Recently we were heading out the door, and I almost did not take my camera...if you are my family members, you know that is not often!

So, my husband made me go back in the house and grab it.

I am so glad I did! I didn't get just one balloon, but two that day. I was just happy as could be...isn't it funny how it is small things like that, that really can bring pleasure to you and a smile inside!

A while back I got this shot, at the last moment, with my old camera..on my own property..
I am waiting to get this chance again, as I hope to be more prepared and know where my camera is to get the shot sooner.

Also these things move pretty it was gone... like that!

The balloon was so close that the noise of the hot air being released scared my horses (at least the one that is not deaf...Zoe could not hear it). Also the sight of this huge round ball flying over their heads really freaked them out!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy VGNO.. you wonderful Blog ladies! is Friday's Virtual Girls Night Out...hosted by Ann Again and Again...

I have not been able to participate in such a long time....

I rented a Pink Virtual Limo for some blog hopping ..with room for all of us!

So...all I can say is ...

Party On Ladies, and Happy VGNO!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Remembering Jimi Hendrix...

We were at the cemetery with the family on Friday. We all got to say a final goodbye..for now, to my sister in law Karen, as the new gravestone was laid for her.

It was really a good thing, and actually we were all upbeat, as we all believe we will see her again in heaven because she loved the Lord.

So that being said, on too my post....

Someone else is at this particular cemetery, and gets a lot of traffic to his memorial.

Jimi Hendrix... yes, he used to be a "stones throw" as they say, from where Karen and her parents, my in laws, are.

The Hendrix family moved him down a ways, and put up a memorial with room for his family members. In fact some are already there.

We had to mosey on over and get some shots, as I thought someone out there may be interested in this information.

The original stone from his first grave, has been built into the memorial

Do you realize he would be 67? While we were there, some people were coming in to look at it... and calling someone on their cell saying "guess where I am?!" ...

For all of us locals on Seattle's eastside, well, we have known Jimi was here since the beginning. After all he was really from south Seattle, not far from Renton where he is now.

The man who runs the Cemetery said he came in from lunch recently, and a huge coach was in the parking lot...Motley Crue was stopping by to see Jimi...

I think that this Cemetery has a great marketing person... because if you turn around after looking at Jimi's memorial this is what you see...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Find Me Friday..did anyone see some little ponies?

We were hunting down a garage sale, and ran across this mini pony farm.

The little guys were pretty feisty, and did not want any part of us.

Look, they are running up to join their friends...

This old boy below must be their mascot, as the only big critter on the place!

Please visit Ali for Find Me Friday...better yet, join in!