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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Barn Sale

Well, if you know me at all, you know that I do like to go to those out of the way places. To go to someone's old barn and snoop around..well almost heaven on earth!

The town of Snohomish Washington is known for it's antique stores, and even in the valley at a farm that specializes in roses.. they have a way of filling those antique collectors needs.

While coming home from the feed store, we saw a "Barn Sale" sign for this particular farm business... and I really am glad I went, if nothing else but to take pictures.

I used to collect antiques.. now taking a picture will work just fine for me. I can't justify buying things I don't have the room for anymore.

I can say... I am partial to Kitchen Queen's and have had several. I still have one.
They actually had 3 at this barn sale...

The one I am showing above with the glass doors was one that really caught my eye. If the price was lower, I could of talked myself into it!

I think spinning wheels are so cool...

I also thought the little display of Gnomes was kind of cute!

The garden shed had some fun stuff too....

And so did I grow weak, and buy something?

Yes I did...

The red sign...
It is now hanging above a window in my kitchen.


  1. I love the sign! I think I would have had a lot of talking to do to myself to convince me not to buy that cupboard. It truly is a wonderful antique!

  2. What cool stuff!
    Love the sign that you talked yourself into!!

  3. I hope your sign is right - the best is yet to be. It should be if we can keep our health.

  4. I really enjoy these kinds of shops. The one you were at is so neat and clean. Some of our old things shops are dusty and not so pretty. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful time.

  5. I have not been to a "Barn Sale" in a long long time! City girls sure miss out!!!

  6. Barn sales and antiquing are one of my fav' things to do! Great sign.

  7. It's a nice sign - great quote :). I'd buy the hanging pot of geranium (?) in the last pic - with I were there; I love snooping around too!

  8. What a cute sign. Lovely photos all. I'm glad you enjoyed a fun shopping/snooping adventure. :)


  9. Love the stuff in those pictures!!! Very cool sign!! Great way to get something cute and it doesn't take up much room!!

  10. How fun this was!!!
    I enjoyed it very much.

  11. love to go antiquing and nose around as well! ;~)

  12. You need a barn yourself to store all the things you bought. What a great hobby.

  13. How cool! I could spend all day in a place like that. The sign looks great in your kitchen...Fabulous photos, too!

  14. Thanks for taking me shopping with you. Like you my Mom could not pass any type of sale. She said her her just had to pull over. You have reminded me of that. Thanks.

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  16. The sign looks like new on your kitchen wall.
    Taking these great shots alone was worth to spend some time there.


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