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Sunday, October 11, 2009

End of summer.. and one more "wish", checked off the picture checklist

I mentioned this story on my other blog Mt Forest Pictures, which is more photography related.

We live in an area where in the summer time the hot air balloon come over the valley in the evenings.

I have seen them from afar all summer, and either never had time to go find one close up, or was just not fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time. Bummer!

Recently we were heading out the door, and I almost did not take my camera...if you are my family members, you know that is not often!

So, my husband made me go back in the house and grab it.

I am so glad I did! I didn't get just one balloon, but two that day. I was just happy as could be...isn't it funny how it is small things like that, that really can bring pleasure to you and a smile inside!

A while back I got this shot, at the last moment, with my old camera..on my own property..
I am waiting to get this chance again, as I hope to be more prepared and know where my camera is to get the shot sooner.

Also these things move pretty it was gone... like that!

The balloon was so close that the noise of the hot air being released scared my horses (at least the one that is not deaf...Zoe could not hear it). Also the sight of this huge round ball flying over their heads really freaked them out!


  1. YEAH! Congrats on the great photos.

  2. Good for you for finally snapping those great shots!

  3. What fantastic photos! Used to see Balloons when I lived out on the farm, and sometimes even heard the hot air being released, but I didn't have a good enough camera in those days to get a picture. Now I never see them. Congratulations on your wish come true and your wonderful photography.

  4. They are beautiful balloons. Great shots.

  5. Great shots. The high today was 37 degrees - fall/winter is here. We can only hope it is a fake one.

  6. I love hot air balloons. I'm glad you had the opportunity to photograph these. :-)

  7. Wowsers....really great pics. It would be neat to see those overhead on a regular basis. No such things in Indiana!!

  8. How cool is that to have hot air balloons flying overhead and to be able to capture the sight! I can only imagine what the horses did ;)

  9. Wonder what a horse would do on a trail ride and one of those was low in the sky...just above???

  10. Hi Jan,
    Thanks so much for swinging by our little Glogirly blog. Although it may appear that we are all about cats...we really appreciate people who are passionate about their photography as well. It's what keeps my husband happy, balanced and inspired. He too is a Nikonian. ; ) Some of the better photos on our blog are his. Ok, most of the better ones are his. The rest are the result of me stalking my cat Katie around the house with my little point & shoot. We're going to follow you and stop back often to enjoy your images.

    Glogirly (the girl) & Katie (the cat)

  11. Isn't it great how things can work out like that! Thanks to the Hubby for reminding you to go back in and get it!! I LOVE the 3rd picture!! The colors pop great with the sky!!

  12. I love your pics. and I think its great you're taking on new challenges! Suceeding quite well too. I LOVE the last balloon shot especially!


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