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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Find Me Friday..did anyone see some little ponies?

We were hunting down a garage sale, and ran across this mini pony farm.

The little guys were pretty feisty, and did not want any part of us.

Look, they are running up to join their friends...

This old boy below must be their mascot, as the only big critter on the place!

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  1. Oh so cute. I love horses and ponies of any size!

  2. oooh! i think i just baby talked the computer b/c of the mini ponies! so cute!!

    have a great wkend!!

  3. love those 'babies'! you know they are wondering 'what the heck is that lady doing?'

  4. Love that first little pony! Had to click on it to get a good look, but such a cutie!

  5. They raise them here in Iowa but haven't seen any for quite some time. They are amazing little horses, almost like having a dog that looks like a horse. I like your larger, normal sized horsed best.

  6. my goodness, what fun that you found these little critters! Thank you for sharing your find and for your visit to my blog~

  7. Lovely pictures - your part of the world looks beautiful and the animals are delightful!


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