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Monday, May 4, 2009

Memories on Monday ...

Do you have any idea what these are???

No ? I thought so! My horsey friends will know... of course!

We call them "slinkies". When we were keeping the horses all clean and slick, and show ready.. we used them to keep the horses from getting sun bleached and clean in the summer...they would where their summer "sheets" with them. Or in the winter with their blankets and hoods..

Of course since today is Monday Memories.. that is exactly what these are now.. memories!

My pasture ornaments cannot remember the last time they wore their horsey jamies..and have kissed them good by!

I sold them (the slinkies, not the pasture ornaments aka "the Girls")on Craigslist!

Happy Monday!


  1. Jan, I had NO idea that horses had wardrobes! That is so interesting! You see, this is just one of the many reasons that I love blogging - I learn something new every day!

  2. Wow, I thought they were some kind of bathing suit! :)

    Hope you made some money from them.

  3. Keeper of the Skies Wife.. no sold them for lump sum amount...maybe $75.00. I think they cost about $30.00 each has been so long don't remember anymore .. still have the blankets to sell!!

    Jan :)

  4. You must have had the best dressed stylin' horses around!

    Love the prints and colors!

    Happy Memories...

  5. Hi there, I thought they were large ladies' swimming costumes!
    I have tagged you today, I hope you don't mind , have a look at my today's post. It easy an easy one;.I had fun doint it!

  6. i love the idea of these "slinkies"
    i came to visit you from over at JAMS blog.

    I see you live just a short way from my father in law he is in lake stevens.
    we lived in Mukilteo while my husband did some contract work for boeing. we loved washington..

  7. We have never used those (don't show or anything), but I remember thinking they looked so neat when I was younger and we would see them at horse shows and such. You had some stylin' horses! =)

  8. I haven't blogged all weekend, and I see I missed the quotation game -- I love yours from your husband -- they are about the same quotes that my guy has!
    Believe it or not, I knew what the "slinkys" were as soon as I saw them! We have never used them, as we do not show or anything like that. I think they make the horses look alien-like!!!

  9. WOW I had no idea either! Well, there ya go - I could use a slinky for the summer - I got burned yesterday!

  10. I've never used the slinky's either...I do blanket when It's real cold and keep a day sheet on so Jesse stay cleaner!!!

  11. Those are made of pretty fabric. I wonder. Does one horse feel more stylish than another? :-)

  12. Yikes- Craig's List.

    Just checking in to see how your comment challenge is going.

  13. You got me -- you can tell I'm not around horses -- I didn't have any idea what that was.
    Love the pretty colors -- didn't know they made stuff like that for horses.

  14. I thought they were all of my bathing suits hung out to dry. :->


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