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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Horse, Horses Horses...32 Horses and counting...literally!

Horses... Horses...Horses...

I decided I need to think about something else, and this is something I have been meaning to do for ME. As I am getting "old", and am forgetting some how many horses I have had over the years.

After all this is my history!

I ran across my list of horses, and had to update it further. So I figured if I "list" it here, I will really keep it for my records!

I have had 30+ horses/ponies as of 2009, over about a 45 year period (can that be true?)
. No wonder I can't remember them all!

1. My first horse was an old bay mare named "Sweetie" who we paid $100.00 for. I was 12 or 13 and she was old! She taught me a lot in the year or so I had her. She was at least in her mid 20’s, and the perfect first horse. I rode her everywhere.. near and far.

2.Then an "unbroken" 2 year old dun filly just off the truck from Montana, a mare I named Sonja, who was one of the best horses I ever had. I trained her myself, and we both learned a lot!

She was my 4-H horse, and my "playday" (gaming) mare. I carried the flag as the lead drill horse on our 4-H drill team, on this terrific mare. She was wonderful, and I should have kept her forever ( you will hear me say this a lot!). She was always in the ribbons in barrels, pole bending, you name it.
She could do all the games. I didn't know what a great horse she was, until she was gone.. as I thought they all must be this easy to train and game, not so!

3. Next was her foal Raiff, a red dun colt who was sired by another well know gaming horse in our area at the time, whose name was Pekoe. I should have kept Raiff as well!

4. Next was one awesome horse that is at the top of my favorite list, AQHA gelding named Risk Bar. Another horse who should have been with me forever.

I bought and sold some horses and ponies along the way. This helped pay for my horse habit, when I was a teenager. I would work them and than sell them for profit.
And later Ken and I raised some Paints as well.

5. Jolie was my first "buy to sell" horse.. and than the list continued.
6. Unnamed AQHA colt, bought at auction, sold via newspaper ad (No Craigs list or Internet back then!)
7. QH mare I bought and sold.
8.Alfie, a pinto Pony I bought to sell.
9.An appy Pony I bought and sold. He was a little stinker!
10.Chad, a palomino pony I bought and sold.
11.Glory, a wonderful half Lipizzaner mare. What a wonderful mare, she was amazing.
12.CasaJill, an AQHA mare, foundation bred.
13.A dapple grey grade mare (Megan I think her name was?)
14.A black AQHA filly, I bought from some friends. She was by their Black AQHA stallion.
15. Pony Face, a pony we had for the kids, he would rub them off on tree's!
16. Misty, a wonderful white Welsh mare, she was the best kids pony you could of ever had. We gave her to my friend Kathy, when my kids got to big for her. I wish I had one like her now for my grand kids.
17. Spooks QT Bear, an APHA Tobiano mare, my first Paint.
18. Moore Brandy, a Superior APHA chestnut mare
, amazing horse..she had several Superior a Championships, and ROM's as well. Ken learned to ride on her.
19. Teak, an AQHA bay mare, we sold to friends who raised Paints out of her for several years.
20. Nugget of Gold "Zoe" 1991 APHA mare. One of our current Pasture Ornaments!

21. Demi Moore, a beautiful breeding stock dun filly out of Moore Brandy and by Two Bars Robin.. (pictured below.. he also sired "Bailey, #29, his foals had good minds)

"Demi" had a flaxen mane and tail, and was sold as a 2 year old to some folks who showed her in the Buckskin circuit. She was a great mare, I wish I had kept her too!

22. Bear, breeding stock colt out of Spooks QT Bear. Sold as a 2 year old.
23. Cashing Out, an APHA Sabino mare I bought to be a broodmare, tested Lethal White Negative. Sold to a lady who also used her as a broodmare.
24. Molly, out of Cashing Out by a AQHA stallion with Zips Chocolate Chip breeding.

25.Winston, out of Cashing Out and by Rocky Road Robin, a Superior APHA stud. We sold Winston to folks in Florida.
26. Right Ringer, APHA Superior halter mare, (Sarah), also tested Lethal White Negative.
She had about a dozen colored paint foals, as far as I know she never threw a solid colored foal. She threw 100% color !
27. Chester, an APHA gelding, he was a twit.
28. O Heavens to Betsy, my Sabino Overo mare. She also tested Lethal White Negative.
One of my current pasture Ornaments!
29. 1996 colt;Robin Fort Knox, aka "Bailey". He is a beautiful Overo gelding , Zoe's first foal, also by Two Bars Robin. He was the best foal we raised. We kept him until he was 3 and sold him to some people who adored him and showed him in Wisconsin.
30. Shelby, a colt out of Zoe. His sire was a APHA World Champion reining horse. Shelby was "lethal white", and we had to put him down the day he was born. One very sad day, and a very hard day for us.
31. Jackson Pony, a black pony, who otherwise was known as One eyed Jack... because he was one eyed!
32. Buddy, the antique rescue pony... He was 35 when we got him the fall of 2007, still alive on the farm today 6-2009, though he is getting kind of fragile.

So that is it, for now...


  1. That's a lot of horses! I always admire people who have the patience to work with them - they are so beautiful.

  2. Oh my! You have had a lot of horses! I've only had 6 horses throughout my life.
    I had a tendency to keep them around for quite awhile. I regret selling my Appy mare, she was my perfect show horse, and I was young, 17 yrs old, when I sold her. Boys and partying were more important at the time. It's funny how we make those decisions when we are younger, than regret that decision later.

  3. Wow. That's alot of horses. I think I'm going to have to do a recount of dogs of my life!

  4. I am so impressed that you can remember and name them all! I have trouble remembering the 11 cats and 4 parakeets I've had over the years! I think horses are one of God's most beautiful creatures... the perfect combination of strength and grace! We live near a polo farm, and get to watch horses graze, frolic, and play polo. It's delightful!!!
    Love & Light~
    OM girl

  5. Goodness, what a lot of horses! I wish I had all that experience under my belt! They sound like wonderful animals, all of them! My list is...just the 2 =) Wish I knew how to better train them, they need a bit of work! I think I need an old been there-done-that horse! ;-)

  6. that is great...i just have two. started when i was an adult. how many are with you now? kudos to you jan, for rescuing the 35 year old pony.

  7. Sounds like you have had some really good horses in your life, you are very lucky!

  8. I'm so impressed. You are so lucky to have so many good horses in your life. My experiences haven't been as good, sadly. I envy you and am also happy for you. What wonderful memories you must have. Maybe you should right about a book about them. We horse people enjoy a good book involving first hand horse experiences. :)


  9. *write*....not right I'm still missing 8 hours of sleep from the foal birth. lol!

  10. Well I think you did a great job remembering them all!! Very detailed too!! I hope to remember all of mine that well LOL!! We have owned 9 and sold 1 so we own 8 but have 14 on our ranch! Hubby thinks its to many! Ha whatever LOL!!

  11. My nephews wife trains mini's- her horses and the ones she trains are her life, so I can understand why you love them.

    We have our goats, chickens & ducks. Had a white mini once(from the nephews wife) and that stinker kept jumping the fence and running down the road. I had to send him packing...if someone had hit that fatty (his name was Butterball), they would have been killed.

  12. that IS a lot of horses... and i know you loved each and every one of them too!

  13. That is a lot of horses! It must have given you a lot of good experience, too, to own and ride so many different ones! I have only had 5. Or I'm on my 5th, I should say! :)

  14. What a list! I love their names!
    So any plans to add to the list????


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