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Saturday, July 11, 2009 has has a whole new meaning...

Tamis and her "Dog and Pony Show"...otherwise known as Megan, Elise and Trevor.. went camping last week. Boy Scout Camp..camping...

The other half and I ventured out one evening to visit the campsite, and have some camp out dinner.

First I have got to tell you, they really had a nice campsite, it made me kick myself for passing up a great deal on a tent at Costco last month!
Though, as you view these pictures...well some things have changed since we camped many years ago...

For example a Pop Up van with sleeping for 4 all nice and the van?
Yes the tent did not house the sleeping campers as it would have in my day...

The tent housed their goods, you know their clothes, and the plug in mini refrigerator...who needs ice chests any more?

Oh, remember the cute checkered tablecloth, yes we used those way back when... though the laptop computer...on the picnic, that was just a sparkle in little Bill Gates eye at that time!

And of course, how can an 8 year old go camping without his DS???? electronic toys back in our camping days!

But some things do not change...and I am glad for that, as how can you change a campfire...

Wait, don't you dare suggest a portable gas fire pit for camping... or do they already have one I am not aware of?


  1. There is an award for you on my blog, come pick it up :)

  2. Looks like a great trip. It is something the kids will never forget.

  3. My boys were camping at the boy scout camp last week. It didn't have any of those newfangled luxuries!

  4. Yes, it is funny how back in the days we didn't have any of that stuff, I mean we didn't even sleep on air mattresses in the tent (we do now)! Just threw the sleeping bag down on the ground, and called it good!
    But, I think going camping should be a vacation, getting away from computers, phones, t.v.'s etc. It just isn't the same anymore.

  5. I've been tempted to take my laptop on camping trips, but I will refrain. I want to be able to get away for a little while. All of that stuff waits for me when I get back home.

    That pop-up van is cute, though. We have a pop-up camper. I love that it still feels like a tent, but we're off the ground. And it's nice having an inside table, so if it rains or is buggy we can escape inside. But we don't have a toilet, shower, or hot water in our pop-up. It would be nice...but I think it would take away from that roughin' it that I also like, too.


  6. Looks like tons of fun! Can't wait to go camping at the coast next month!

    Happy VGNO...stopping by a little late!

  7. Hi. I have a blog at where I feature people's posts about camping, and I would like to send my readers your way. Of course I would give you credit for quotes and would link back to your site.

    Thanks for considering this,

    Jean B. in SC

  8. Love the pictures!

    Yep, that is our site. I also had my 3" memory foam mattress to sleep on and my french press for good coffee too. I think the old fashioned way of camping would not be quite as fun for me.

  9. HA! I love it! That's how I like to camp - well, except that I still do use coolers and don't take a laptop with me...but I do bring a camp stove and cook things like chicken alfredo...we do, however, do the hotdogs and s'mores in the campfire, though... ;) And since we don't have any pop-ups of any kind, we sleep in tents...hubby's not so enthusiastic about camping like I am - our family camped every summer as I was growing up so I love it...he'd prefer a motel over a tent any day. ;)

  10. The Best Husband In The World and I want to retire (one day, one day) and go camping across the US for one entire year. We will take some comforts of home with us.
    So thumbs up to the laptop!!!

  11. Looks like an amazing camping trip! It is funny how somethings change, yet other things stay very much the same (thank goodness for that)!

  12. Ba Ha Ha LOL!!! That is definitely not "true" to the core camping!!!!!!!!!!! How funny!!!

  13. Yes, camping has changed!! Some for the better (comfortable sleeping quarters!!), some maybe not so much for the better (electronics...). But even with the changes, it is still out there in nature, and that is the essence of the experience!

  14. Oh how camping has changed! Wet clothes, soggy food, sore backs.etc, etc. Now we have almost all the luxuries of home. Kind of neat in a way but the campfire is still the best...s'mores all the way!

  15. I must admit that I have just discovered the battery powered tent fans and LOVE this! No more sweat wet all night!

  16. Wow...great setup! These days I think the Four Seasons is camping...I hate being away from home!


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