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Monday, July 6, 2009

OK.. I have been watching you guys... and your pictures...

As I posted 2 months ago...I had purchased a new Nikon L100 Point and Shoot.. from Costco. They give you 90 days to return it.

I returned it today.

After getting pretty good results with some outdoor pictures and some closeups, I was very frustrated with the challenging pictures that only an SLR will get right, at least for me. On the evening of the 4th, I felt like the camera was useless to get a decent picture.

It was very convenient that Consumer Report had just been delivered at the time I got this camera, as I used this information to help make the final decision.

I decided I wanted a user friendly lighter weight SLR camera, something I could grow into. I wanted at least 2 lens to come with it, the 18-55 mm standard zoom VR and 55-200 VR lens. I also really want it to have the HD video option, as I thought that was a great feature of the Nikon L100.

I'm leaning towards the Nikon D5000... but ...
the local Target store has a returned Canon Rebel LSi that does not have a box... for $449.00 with one lens...which is a really good price. The warranty and everything is fine, and it has all the items that would be in the box. That is a big drop in price from the real price of that, should I or shouldn't I....

I keep thinking I could spend less...than end up moving up again later. With the cost of these cameras, that is even more expensive!

I know this is a big purchase....and I sure hope I am making the right decision. This has been a real "going back and forth" mental argument regarding cost and camera options. It is hard to justify this kind of expense, but than again.. I only wish I had the ability to grab those moments in the past again with a great picture, that I did not get.

Now those moments are gone.

By the way many of your fantastic pictures are what made me want a better camera!!

PS...I bought the Nikon D5000 this afternoon...there I did it!
And yes.....the new header picture was taken with the new Nikon D5000...


  1. Oh I know how you feel. I too went back and forth for several months on what to buy. Should I just stick with the point and shoot, go small dslr or big? I finally decided that it was okay to spend the money on myself for a big one (after all my hubby spends it on himself with all those motor driven things in the yard). Spend it up front, you know that eventually you are going to want the bigger badder model so just go for it. I decided on a Nikon d90 and I absolutely love it. I have not figured out all it's bells and whistles yet, but I sure do look forward to it.

  2. Hello. Just checking out new blogs and I really like yours. Feel free to come check out mine if you'd like. Really creative stuff and really pretty blog just in general. Hope you have a lovely day.

  3. I love my Canon Rebel XT (that IS a great price on the LSi!). If you look around online, you can find some good deals on lenses. I have the 55-250mm IS (image stabilization), the 50mm 1:1.8 and the 18-55mm IS. The first is my favorite, although it is very heavy.

  4. Oh do I know how you feel!!! I can barely shoot and then download! i do love seeing everyone else's pictures though!

  5. I'm too afraid of the professional cameras and all those expensive lenses. Personally, just for me, my photography is just a side hobby for fun, so I don't want to spend lots of money on lenses/cameras or time figuring out all the settings, etc.
    If it ever became something that paid me money, enough to buy a professional camera and lenses, then maybe I consider it.
    But for me, my Canon PowerShot SX110 IS Point and Shoot is perfect! I have so much fun with it and it has lots of great, easy-to-use manual settings if ever I should want to try taking my own photos. I can pack it easily for all of my trips without it taking up so much room, and it's lightweight, which is really important for me with my neck and shoulder injuries.

    I love your new header. Was that taken with your new camera? I look forward to seeing all the great photos you end up taking, though. I hope you have fun with it!


  6. Your header picture is sensational!!!!!!!! I love it! Camera shopping is so hard! I pour over reviews and still wonder if I made a good choice. Good luck!

  7. Great picture, great camera! Obviously you made a fantastic choice! Enjoy your picture taking.

  8. First off, I love the new header!!! I know your pain LOL!! I went through 2 Canon Powershots before I bit the bullet and bought my Nikon D90...Now you know I have had problems with mine but I know once it is fixed it will be so awesome!!! i am just the unlucky one who always gets the bad seeds of the groups, no joke either LOL!! Well I hope you enjoy your new camera!! Oh and yes I LOVE my HD video mode on mine! It was a must have for recording DD's rodeo's and J's sports!!

    And just an FYI, if you ever decide you want training DVD's on your camera I got some from a guy and they are really great! So if you ever want just let me know and I will get you his contact info!!

  9. Had to pop by and say hello!! As we are featured in a post of Audrey's today..somehow I have missed your blog!? Am clueless how!! I do adore Audrey!! Seems we hale from the same part of the world too!!
    I can't wait to see what you do with that camera!! I really debated this year about how complicated to go and ended up going a step down from the one you got..I went with the Canon Powershot SX110 too - and I looove it!! Maybe when I have mastered this one.. I will move on to one like yours!! Good luck and have lots of fun with your new toy!!
    Nice to meet cha, Sarah

  10. Oh man! I'm currently shopping around for an SLR camera - my point-and-shoot takes great pictures, but sometimes I have to take 100 pics to get a handful of really great ones... I'm still debating between the Nikon D5000 and the Canon Rebel T1i...they both have their pro's and con's, I can't seem to decide which one I would like better! How do you like your Nikon so far? I LOVE the new header shot - it turned out beautiful! :)


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