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Monday, July 27, 2009

Eye Candy.. Bling!!!

We took a short 3 day road trip to Walla Walla, and than to Portland for my Aunt Carol's Memorial Service last weekend.

While in Walla Walla I could not pass up this beautiful "cowgirl" leather purse... with major Bling!

My husband was so funny.. as his only question was.. "What is Bling?"

Of course I also found some cool sandals as well. :)

Walla Walla Washington is home to the State Penitentiary, as well as to Whitman Collage and many wonderful winerery's.

No, I do not have any family members in the Penitentiary that we were visiting.. though we did visit the wineries!!!


  1. Cool purse and sandals!! Road trips are great, aren't they??? You gotta get away once in a while.....

  2. Love the purse and I certainly like the sandals too! Funny how husbands don't know the term bling!

  3. I love the purse - especially the color. The sandals are oh-so-cute as well! :-)

  4. I was at a western store today and had to reel myself in from impulsively buying some boots. I've never seen major bling on boots before. The belts were awfully tempting too.

  5. Oh that is so funny!!! I was considering buying that exact purse for my store LOL!! Well I guess it will sell well!! Very cute! Yes I am a Bling Cowgirl for sure!!

    Glad you liked the wineries!!

  6. Wowwwww
    I love them both... email me them NOW!!!!! xx

  7. How fun.....cowgirl bag, flashy sandals, bling, and wine. Can't get much better than that!


  8. Oh sweet purse! I love it! And those sandals are cute too, I love cowgirl bling!


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