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Friday, July 31, 2009

Find Me Friday.. who is that?

Isn't that Ken?
Isn't this a 37 year old pony's nose? Yes, that is the antique pony Buddy's nose!

Oh, did I mention that Oscar did not like the fireworks over the 4th?

Ali at The Blessed Country Mom brings us this fun Friday happening...Find Me Friday..come join in!


  1. Have an extra wonderful Friday!

  2. Oh I just love that little pony nose! Makes me nostalgic for my teenage years....

  3. I love the horse's nose too. Velvety soft under all those whiskers.

  4. these shots! Did you say 37 - that is a very old pony!!! Cute velvety nose...looove those!!
    My Lucy Lu felt the same about the fireworks and wishes the kids in the neighborhood would finish already.. Sarah

  5. Great pics, I love the one of Oscar, awwww! Have a wonderful weekend =)

  6. so cute! wow, 37 year old equine! i hope my babies can blessed with long healthy lives...any secrets? jessie is 25 and on a lot of supplements, excellent pure timothy and beet pulp senior feed...would love any advice you might have!

  7. Very cute pics. Is your pony really 37? Way to go Budddy! Love the dog hiding. Glad to meet a Washington blogger! Hope you survived the heat!


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