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Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year...New Beginnings!

I am so glad the year is new, really I am. I am blogging more on my new blog The Pink Geranium, dedicated to my mom and all things vintage.

So now that it is getting it's feet wet, and off the ground, I want to come back to renew friends here at Jan's Place! After all, this was the start of my life as a blogger.

I am reverting back to my original plan for Jan's Place since vintage is diverted to The Pink Geranium. I have fun, family, places to go, and general ramblings to address.

I hope you read, comment, and follow me...

Please don't make me beg!

 To start with, my 2 horses came back after they (well, really only Betsy) didn't work out at the new home. Betsy just didn't like different riders at different levels pounding on her sides. She was fine, didn't buck or anything, they said she was just not a schooling horse ..I think it's cuz she thinks she is a Diva.

I am very frustrated about the horses, as I would like to downsize, but finding safe good homes for the girls who have lived with me for longer then some peoples kids...well, it isn't easy.

I can't run ad's, as I don't trust people I don't know. Hey we live to close to Canada, to know where they could end up! And when I do have a possibility, it's not for both. They are really a set, as they have been non related sisters for about 18 years.

So on to some new news, I got a new you want to see her?

Her name is Elenore, and she is a Diva Kitty...

My husband is still working and his wife, (yes me) is praying he and his business partner sell their company so we both can retire.

I am re-purposing old stuff...though it is to cold to do big projects at this time...soon I hope.

Since my job ended at the end of June, I have often felt like I was living "Ground Hog Day" over and over. I need to have a schedule, but as a person who is serious adult A.D.D. it can keep me on the gerbil spinning wheel of life.. jumping off here and there, and then back on again, randomly.

Is anyone else out there running in circles at times due to a little (or a lot) adult ADD? I hear there are a lot of us out there. How do you handle it,med's. calenders. to-do lists? I need help. If retired, what do you do to keep focused?

Please let me know if you came by, seriously please comment, and point me to your blog as well so I can come see you...and follow of course!




  1. Jan, I'm glad to see a post on your blog. Your kitty is darling, and I wish I could help you with your girls. We were looking for lead line ponies, but geriatrics would be just as good for me... and we are used to them! Drought down here, though... so we are trying to be patient. Your big girls are very pretty!

  2. Forgot to say, I retired last summer...I find my days full of taking care of our place, doing some volunteering... and on days I'm tired, I can rest and not feel guilty! I love it!

  3. Have a great new year! I love your horses and you kitty too. I am glad you are being cautious with your animals and I bet the right match will be out there. Take care.

  4. Haven't been diagnosed with ADD but I think maybe... Does not knowing your right from your left qualify? Also just retired and it's a little hard to get used to but mostly great. It's the guilt every afternoon when you feel you haven't accomplished anything!
    Your new kitty is darling and the horses are beautiful. I hope you find a solution. My sister and I participate in Sepia Saturday, but she's taken it over lately. That's where I found you.
    Barbara (

  5. SO great to "see" you Jan, glad you are still blogging! I am trying to play catch up, need to post soon myself. I miss blogging!

    I really hope you can find a wonderful home for your girls, I will pray the right person comes along. And your kitty is soo cute! I love her sweet little face, awww! Well, here's to a wonderful year! Talk to you soon =)


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