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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Baby it's Cold Outside!

We usually do not get ongoing weather in the low 30's. I left for a short trip to Vegas to see my sister 
last week, and when I came back it was just the same as when I had left...can you say BRRRRR!!!

My airplane continues to look frosty..

And my Palm tree just doesn't look right with icicles hanging on it...

And my water feeder yard Art Angel..looks chilly too.

And the birds water dish is also icy as much so we actually had cold birds..who came in for a warm up, before being released and flying away. They appeared to be be too cold to move when we came near, they did not fly away.

This first bird we took to PAWS, who take injured birds as it was missing tail feathers. The second was a Grosbeak also, and we were able to feed and water it for a couple days, then he did fly off when we took him outside, whatever was wrong appeared to have been OK by then.

As cold as it is, it is still better then our normal PNW all is well here!


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  1. Hi Jan, Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting. Well, from your pictures, I know you aren't in Phoenix because we were about 85 and very sunny here today. Great pictures. I will enjoy following your blog. Have a great week!


Thank you for your comments...I mean really...Thank you for taking the time to do that.. how nice of you!