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Monday, January 14, 2013

Memories of a trip to Sweden, Finland and Denmark..

I noticed someone from Finland had been by to visit this blog. And decided to share some pictures from a trip my mom and sisters and I took to Sweden,  a long time ago. It was one of those trips that I was glad I took pictures.

My youngest sister was going to Stockholm for an operation, so my other sister and I decided we would go as well, and leave a few days earlier to go to Denmark...then catch up with youngest sister and mom in Stockholm.

While we were in Denmark, we only wished it was longer then the 2 days we gave it...loved it. Everyone rides bikes, no wonder the ladies all looked so slim!

We learned some things on this trip.

1. Do not overpack a large suitcase, as then you have to drag said large suitcase which weighs a ton, and gets heavier as the trip progresses.

2. Wear a warm coat with a hood, and one cozy warm pair of boots, we went in February!

3. See everything you can, you may not get back.

4. Enjoy your mother if she is with you, this is where memories are made!

5. Share stories after, it will make the rest of the family want to go.

6. Learn, laugh, and just enjoy.

We were told Stockholm is the safest place in the world for a woman to to be out walking in the evening.

Once we caught up with Mom and my youngest sister, we  got sis all cozy at her surgeons for a few days, while we did some sightseeing.

 We totally enjoyed the Stockholm Art Museum, where we had a curator give us the grand tour, and the details of the artists and the stories about the paintings they had painted.

We took the overnight Cruise ship to Finland, which was a story of it's own.

We found the young people take the cruise, get drunk as skunks and crash in the hallways, after a night of loud crazy partying. My sister had the ship people move us to a quieter room, as the parties seem to be in the hallway especially on the lower level where we were.  She is a person of action, and went to the ship personal stating.."Bad. very bad!" I think they understood what she was saying as they did move quickly to change our room!!

Here you see Mom and I at a park in Stockholm, then my Sis and Mom after getting off ferry in Finland.

Anyway..we had a great time, and someday I want to go back!


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