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Monday, January 7, 2013

New Pictures...New Year

I took 251 pictures with my trusty Nikon in the last few weeks, with Christmas and New Years...that is not bad. I just finally got around to downloading them.

Of course I seem to look at the Christmas pictures, and find I was to busy enjoying it, that I didn't get enough of those pictures I love to go back later to see, of the ones I love at Christmas.

And with the new kitty, of course she has been a "lets try and get the perfect kitty shot" subject. She has her food and box in my master bath at this time, so the dogs can't cross "the divide" (bathtub) to get her food! She enjoys the view of the birds at her breakfast window as well.

The dogs and cat get along great, as of course Elenore my kitty is top dog, and the dogs seem to know it.

Charlie, my King Charles Cavalier cross took a pretty good shot, as taking pictures of a black dog isn't that easy. He is a special pet to me, though he does think he has some pit bull in him.. he wants to eat the UPS guy who drops the package and turns and runs.

I had a lot of Christmas things to put away, and am still tackling it. This time I am emptying the storage boxes and repacking fresh, so it is not a miss mash of previous unknowns mixed in. That way I will know next year, it has some rhyme or reason in each box, and not old unknowns.

I thought I had to much Christmas stuff, and was not going to use it all, and would thin it out. Since we had our Atrium ( off of our mudroom) covered last spring, it added a wonderful outdoor covered room which took all the remaining decorations. I actually hit the thrift stores, and picked up more!

The ladder in the middle picture above was my "Ladder Tree", and was really pretty with it's blinking lights. I just ordered a large patio heater, so I can use it even in the coldest cold...which isn't usually that bad in the PNW.

Speaking of birds, we feed them, and they are busy at all of our feeders. They are however not supposed to find  their way into the feeders...this happens occasionally...

It has now happened twice, we have to unscrew the top piece, to let our feathery friend fly out.

So I could go on and on.. but I won't at this time.

Hope you all are getting your Christmas wrapped up and put away until next December as well!


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  1. Your kitty is so sweet! And your black pooch is such a pretty shiny black!
    Delightful Christmas decor in your atrium!
    Happy to have you join in on my workshop! ;)


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