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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekend Roadtrip's...various signage

This 5 MPH sign was for a walkway in Sequim...

Well, those Harley folks, they do "live to ride"....

We stopped at the Winery, and what other kinds of signs would you expect?

And... Yakima Washington wants you to know, this is Wine Country!

And, our favorite political statement signage along I 5.. has freely used their freedom of speech for years...good for them!


  1. I love the wine shop signs. Too cute. And the last one? Brilliant.

  2. i used to work for a winery once upon a time... ah memories what memories !!


  3. What a fun trip!! I wish I could drink wine more often, I have to be careful, it gives me migraines. :( I hope you are having a great summer, sure looks like it! :)

  4. I love wine!!! I want a really good red one!!! Anybody have any suggestions?!?! I can't drink much of anything but wine seems to be OK for me :)

  5. What funny signs!!! I think my car can only go 5 MPH if I go backwards!


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