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Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 Project 364 #4..Zoe

A gloomy day for sure, but I had to let the horses out to stretch their legs yesterday.. Zoe stopped eating long enough to smile for me.. she could of swallowed first!

I am bouncing my entries for Project 365 back and forth between my 2 blogs, so hopefully I won't confuse you as you come on by!

If you want to see the other shots, they will be on Mt Forest Pictures.


  1. Oh Zoe is CUTE, Jan! Love that shot, even if there is food poking from her face ;)

  2. I love horses! She is adorable! Happy New Year!

  3. oh what a wonderful beauty zoe is!!!

  4. Love it! She is so gorgeous (even with a mouth full lol) =)

  5. Well she looks happy to smile for the camera and what a shot of her!


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