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Friday, January 22, 2010

Still hanging in there with on and off Internet!

I came home sick today.. man, I have not had a cold like this for a long time.

Because I already had a Dr appointment, my Dr recommended some med's to help with the cold. Boy, that Sudefed stuff works great!

Oh, and the reason for the Dr visit, is my Mom has developed shingles.... and I was not sure if I had Chicken Pox at any time...

So I got Inoculated for Chicken Pox today... because they are connected...oh my!

Let me tell you, watching my Mom deal with the pain of Shingles is awful! She is a trooper, and it is a painful hard thing to deal with as it effects the nerve endings, and open sores.

Due to a slow recovery from the Shingles as well as dealing with the long recovery from her fall and hip surgery, she feels like she is getting hit from all sides.

Life changes overnight after these moments, in an elderly persons life. It sucks to see it happen.

To see a strong fairly independent person, have their choices change in a moment of time, due to a fall... the change effects everyone in the family, and especially Mom.

She is dealing with it all with a positive attitude, or at lease as positive as she can be while going through the slow recovery and rehab process.

So.. my doc als0 said for me and you: make sure you are getting enough calcium and do weight bearing exercise!

With the limited time to access the Internet, as well as the issues we are having with our on again/off again Internet, I really am sorry I have not been able to come by to say hello...but as time passes..I will come by and say hello!

(OK..lets see if this will post!)

Thanks to all of you, my friends in the land of blog...for coming on by to check in on me, and...

Happy Friday.. and have a great weekend!!

Jan : )


  1. Jan, it posted Ok. Good to see you back, if only briefly. I wish both you and your mother a speedy recovery and note that quite a lot of folks will be praying for you!
    God bless you,

  2. Sorry to hear about your mom's shingles. I have heard they are really awful and painful.
    I'm in the midst of an awful cold, too. It his me and my co-worker and some of the kids we teach really hard this week. I started antibiotics (against my better judgment) because I'm fairly certain it was becoming a sinus infection.
    I hope you are feeling better soon, and glad that the Internet let this post post for ya! :)

  3. So sorry about your mom, hope she recovers quickly! We have been sick here too, some sort of cold this time. I lost my voice, I tend to do that once a year though, just haven't for the last couple. I really hope your internet issues get resolved and we get to see more of you soon! Miss you =) Take care!

  4. Knock on wood...everyone healthy here! Nothing is more frustrating than internet issues. We get them here becuase of my hubby's work system is so hyped up with security. I fianally switched to one of thoese wireless Sprint cards...sorta like a cell phone! Have you looked into any of those? They work anywhere ther is cell service and are really great. This just might be a better way for you to go than what you have now.
    So sorry to hear that your mom has more to deal is just not fair!!!

  5. Just caught up on your blog. So sorry to read about your Mom. Hope things are getting better. Our daughter lives in Vegas (Henderson).

  6. get some rest and drink a lot of fluids! your poor mama is going thru so very sorry! it could happen to any of us. getting older is so tough. you are right about the exercise! now i just need to make myself do it! hope you feel better soon!

  7. Sorry your Mom is going through so much. I've had shingles and it is darn painful.

  8. Your poor mom! I hope she's feeling better soon - and you, too! ((HUGZ!!))

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  10. Shingles is supposed to be so incredibly painful. I hope you and your mom and both feeling better.

  11. I do pray for you and your Mom to get well soon. I'm so sorry ya'll are going throw this.

  12. sorry ya'll are going thru this.

  13. I have a blog friend over at Dan and Betty's Place that is siffereing from Shingles right now. Betty is having a very hard time, I feel so bad. And I feel so bad for your Mom.

    This just makes me so grateful that I got my kids vax against chicekn pox when so many moms go out looking for kids who have it so they can purposefully plan a Pox Party and expose their kids to the disease. I know crazy eh?

    I had a childhood friend die from a bad case of the chicken pox, well actually from secondary infection. And I have an uncle that has been in pain from shingles for many years. He looks like he's aged 20 years because of the stress caused by constant pain and all the drugs he has to take just to take the edge off.

    Good for you getting vax, too. I wish I had had the choice when I was a child. I hope I never ed up with Shingles, but once you've been exposed to the live virus of chicken pox, the chances are good you'll get shingles sometime in your life. bah.

    Feel better with your cold, too.


  14. Here is that link to Dan and Betty's Place. Maybe your Mom might want to chat with Betty sometime so she won't feel so alone. I've met Dan & Betty in person. They only live an hour from me. They own two horses and love to trail ride, too.

    Oh! And I just noticed you have my little button on your sidebar. You're the first blogger that I've seen who has posted it on their blog. You just made my night. Cool!



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