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Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have a backup solution for my Internet woes.

Because I use my Netbook sometimes, I reactivated my Mobile Broadband as my backup due to the recent instability of my Clear Internet connections. I really did not want to pay for the occasional Internet use, with a monthly charge, on top of my regular data for my Smartphone.

While helping someone else resolve an issue along the same line as mine, I found an application called "Tether" that is offered through Blackberry App World, which works with my Blackberry phone. This application allows me to tether my phone for unlimited Internet access, for a one time charge under $50.00! How come I didn't know this?!!

I use the 3G wireless internet network, with my phone as my modem...have I mentioned how much more I love my Blackberry now?!

Can you envision Snoopy from Charlie Brown, doing that happy little dance he does? Just put my face on him...that is me right now!! And I got it hooked up, all by myself!

I am happy to say..(unless I run into a glitch)... I am back online!

So, now the test is on, to see if this may even allow us to drop Clear? Maybe this problem can end up being a blessing?

So, I am going to see if I can leave comments, and all that stuff..yeah!!

Have a great Sunday everyone ;)


To explain how this application works:
I purchased a "third party" application that is available on most "Smartphone's" (which is a phones that has a required data package, such as Blackberry's and Palms, etc). I download the purchased third party application into my phone, and also on to my computer.

When I connect my phone with either Bluetooth, or a USB plug to my computer, the data access is via the cell phone. My phone has become my Internet connection.

There are thousands of 3rd party applications out there, that do all sorts of things, and plenty more to come!!!


  1. I sure hope the tether solution works for you. I know how much you enjoy your blogging, and yeah, bill pay online is kinda rough if you can't get online! Happy Sunday, Love, Jill

  2. Cool - I'll have to look into that. I've been looking into a short term mobile broadband for the week we're at the beach.

  3. We almost got Clear and I'm so glad we didn't. So many people I know have problems with it. Hope your Mom is doing better. My Mom had shingles too and my husbands Mom. I could see it was very painful and seems to take a while to go away. Yuck.

  4. Yay!!! I hope it works, that would be wonderful!

  5. Wow, what a solution. The technology and the products are impossible to keep up with but you found a good thing.

  6. I'm confused, I am not a techie! :) Are you getting Internet on your Blackberry now and posting from there, or, is the blackberry somehow providing Internet to your computer?
    Anyhoo, I'm glad you found a solution that works! I finally sorted out my issues, it appears it was not Clear (I was getting perfect service, I live nearby a tower) but my computer. I had to have it "cleaned up" and it's running better.

  7. Hope to see you hanging around a bit more often now!

  8. It all sounds so confusing for me. I'm glad you are finding a backup plan.

    I've been thinking about you and your mom. I hope she has been doing okay and is recovering. I know that it can be a slow process. It's wonderful that she is keeping a positive outlook given her circumstances.

    btw... have you gotten your "Cold Plasma" yet? Let me know, I will follow up with the rep if you haven't.

    Take care.

  9. Yet another reason I'd like to talk hubby into getting me a Blackberry... ;) So glad you might have figured out how to be back online with less headaches! ;)

  10. I am overwhelmed by your techno expertise! Wow. Double Wow.

  11. You may as well be speaking "Klingon" --- I got lost after the first few words!!!

  12. gah! Blogger and Google are playing games. I just left a comment and then it moved me to a page saying the link was broken. bah!

    Starting again:

    I'm too technology challenged to understand any of what you just wrote. I've heard of blackberries, but have no idea what they are for...except to be eaten. lol!

    I hope whatever you need to do fixes your problems, though. I'd go through withdrawal symptoms if I had no access to the internet for very long. gah!

    I am loving your new header, too. Great composition!


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