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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Major internet issues with Clear!

We are being effected by a change in our ability to use our Internet, since Clear "updated" their modems.

As you may have noticed...this has effected my ability to blog, and especially to comment. The little icon just spins and spins!

Does anyone out in the land of blog use either Hughes Satellite Internet or Wildblue? If so, please provide us with your feedback!

Clear sent out their tech person, who said we will not see improvements, and that those of us on the "fringe area" of their coverage are seeing a negative effect to the changes they have made. Gee, really? We do not have any other options such as Comcast, or Verizon FiOs. Living in the "country" has some challenges for sure!

This is so frustrating, try paying your online bills, with no online to pay them from!
So... I miss my blogging friends for now, and will be back as soon as we have something that will work! Jan :)


  1. oh yea.. this would be completely FRUSTRATING... i live in the country too.. but it JUST SO HAPPENS that at&t was doing a sort of experimental trial to see if ppl in our "country area" would go for internet... thankfully plenty did, so we have wireless high speed... i might would cry if not!... lol.. i hope it gets better for you..

  2. I'm glad everything is okay. Sorta! I was gettting worried and missed you. I would be so frustrated. Hope you can get it worked out.

  3. Was wondering where you were at. Hope you find a solution soon. By the way, love the banner!

  4. Jan, look around for options. I am using a Sierra Wireless Compass 597. It is plenty fast for what we need and was much much better than the old dial up. We are in a "dead" area, but this seems to work fine.

  5. I wondered where you'd been...I was hoping for Hawaii!!! Hope something changes soon, we all miss you!

  6. I had been wondering about where you were! Sounds like the 'improvements' didn't take into account all their customers. :) Hope you find a solution soon, I bet you're chomping at the bit! ;)

  7. My sister has been having problems too. I think she uses Clear also. She keeps emailing me telling me she can't get onto blogs, download pictures, and all sorts of stuff.
    Hopefully it will all get worked out soon!

  8. i was on my friend's internet for her to download some pics and she has hughes satellite and it was so slow and tedious. i didn't like their set up at all...we use cable. always fast and service is super. glad to hear from you!!!

  9. I certainly understand how paying bills on time can be frustrating. Times are hard, but chin up it will get easier.

  10. This is going to crack you up. I use Clear, too. I just literally spent an hour surfing my blogs, etc., saw your post headline on my dashboard, clicked on it.....and nothing. Loading, loading, loading. Are you kidding me? I unplugged my modem, let it cycle through, and it came back.
    I have been nothing but frustrated, too! The first 3 weeks of the new modem, I would lose page load abilities every 5 minutes. I'd have to reboot the modem or my computer, and it'd come back....but for another ten minutes. I called two different times, and the tech support basically checked my upload speed, then blamed it on my browser (although this issue happened with IE and Firefox.) The 3rd time I called, the guy reset my modem. He said to give it 24 hrs. and if it didn't work, they'd send out a tech. Voila. It worked. I now had a whole new connection icon in my control panel, that had NEVER been there. So I hadn't even been properly connected at all the first time! Things were running smoothly, the connection was fast, etc. But I am still having issues from time to time. I'll lose service and have to pull the plug on the modem and let it recycle. Last night I had issues loading photos into my blog posts and thought it might be blogger, but when I called Clear, sure enough, "my area was experiencing an outage." And I'm living across from a tower, so I am not on the fringe! I'm trying to be patient while they work out the kinks, but it is frustrating when you rely so heavily on technology! And, I love the portable quality of Clear, I haul my modem and laptop to the places I petsit at, and it's great.
    I've also noticed the tech help is not as good. When I first got Clearwire, I loved the tech help. They were SO friendly and helpful, totally gave me other random computer advice, etc. Now, it seems more random and not as thorough or as well-trained. And, I hate their tech support is only open until 10 pm as often I'm on line late at night and then I'm just out of luck until the next day.
    Well sorry for the long comment but as you can see, I needed to vent, too! ;) Good luck, I hope you get connected soon.


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