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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


What do you think about doing a Marathon or a 1/2 Marathon,whatever that is?

I must admit, I really am intimidated by the thought of it. I found out by accident while I was a captive audience of my dentists' dental assistant, as she was busy cleaning my teeth, and I could only.. well you know, listen.

She was very enthusiastic about the first time ever Seattle Rock N' Roll Marathon! She had signed up, and said "you should sign up too!" She said it is June 27th.. plenty of time to get ready... (I think she meant train for it).

To quote the material from the Rock N' Roll Seattle, Tukwila to Seattle: "It's a running block party as live bands play every mile along the two routes and thousands of high school cheerleaders motivate participants to the finish line"

Ok, so now I know know what a "1/2 Marathon" is.. it is a 13.1 mile foot race, the full Marathon is 26.2 have got to be kidding me? Could I possibly (walk/run/crawl) the 1/2 Marathon? I certainly am not ready to consider the 26.2 mile marathon!

I am like..well not exactly young, and I have a huge fear of failure, even in a marathon. But, the idea really is hard to let go of.. I like the idea of local bands every mile, wouldn't that be so cool?

They say that 45% of the "projected" entree's will be participating in their first marathon.. I could be one of those 45% projected entrees.. anyone else interested???? Lets think about this Ok?

Oh, Gotta go..have a date with the elliptical, time for Biggest Loser!

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