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Friday, February 27, 2009

Jan's Saab Story..

Did I mention, I have one other baby.. it's my car..

I am a Saab Convertible fan.. and this is my second one. Isn't she lovely!

This is the first picture I took of Saab Convertible #2, she was on her way to the Saab dealer. I had only had her about 2 days. It ended up being nothing, but I gotta tell you, this really wasn't what I had in mind for her first picture!

I think her first picture should of been with her top down, in the sun.

I decided a while back that a Convertible was a perk I would give myself, since retirement does not look to be on my horizon, as far as I can I can drive home from work with the top down, when the sun is out, in the summer.

It is my version of an evening cocktail! It makes me feel good. What do they say, it's five o'clock (commute) somewhere!

Nothing between me and the sun..I can pretend I live someplace warm, and not so wet.

I have had few "top down" days with her at the end of last summer, but I am hoping we get some sunny days this summer. After all, I live in Western Washington, and sunny warm days are not what people think of when they think of the Seattle area. Notice those lovely green fir trees all around her while she is sitting up on that tow truck here at the farm, rain.. yep... that's what makes those tree's so green!

Don't get me wrong, as a Christian I know I own "things",(actually God owns them, and lets me use them) ..they do not own me...but my little green car is one of my more favorite things, that I do get to have for now.

I know it is just a thing, and not comparable to the real important things in my life..God, Family, for now, I am thankful for this one extra "thing" that doesn't own me.. that is fun to drive!

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