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Friday, February 13, 2009


Is everyone out there getting all romantic with flowers and Chocolate?

My husband is more into Valentines day than I am. He always gets a card, he used to buy flowers and jewelry..I really didn't like spending the money on that.

Somewhere along the line he was very well trained to not forget this day (I don't think it was me)! I told him no cards, but he already had one. He thought someone had come in the house and stolen it, yes the card. This was because he knew he had put it in a certain place on his dresser," right here, I know I put it right here". I helped him find it, where he really left it, which was not on the dresser, right where he thought he left it...that's my Honey!

We are going to a catered dinner at our church. They always do something fun for Valentines... and Taproot Theater will be there and is doing the "Diary of Adam and Eve"... I bet Adam gave Eve all sorts of beautiful bouquets of flowers before they went and ate that dang apple.. after that "thorn bouquets" and hard labor...what was she thinking!

Anyway, have a good one, hug someone special, let them know they are loved!

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