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Sunday, August 30, 2009

For Sale on Craigslist...

You know, I was just thinking, as I was scrolling through my almost 8000 pictures, what a great thing Craigslist is. I saw pictures of items that I could delete because, well... I don't have them anymore!

Craigslist has certainly helped the collapse of the newspaper want ad's.
Do you look at the paper want ad's? No, you go online!

While viewing my stored pictures online, I was seeing items I have sold or given away via Craigslist. After all, it is FREE, easy to use, easy to access, and until you respond to the person, you are anonymous.

So.. looking back I show I have sold 2 cars and 1 pickup truck. For prices that range from $8500 to $9400 each. I also sold my horse trailer on Craigslist, boy that got a lot of response!

We also sold the tool chest and the fifth wheel hitch that were on the previous pickup, for about $500.00 all together.

I sold some horse paraphernalia for $120.00, and a really nice Dressage Saddle for $850.00. Also a nice glass hutch for $175.00..and two recliner chairs for... I don't remember how much.

Alas, due to my limited "now I am an old person" memory, I am sure I have used it for other items as well!

They are great if you are giving something away, and want it gone! I have used the free ad's to give away a computer monitor, and a kids basketball hoop. They were both gone within an hour of the ad being published.

I did have some flops that did not sell. Why I don't know, as they were good quality items like an oak office desk with a hutch, and an oak file cabinet. I ended up donating them to the "Village", as I just did not want to store bigger items while trying to sell them.

OK, now the flip side. I have also taken ownership of items via Craigs List as well. For one, the antique pony..yes, Buddy was a Craigslist rescue.

I also bought my first Saab Convertible off Craigslist, and we found my husbands HHR on Craigslist.

There are a few ad's I relist every so often, as they just need to catch the right persons eye. One is a silver show halter, and the other is a light yellow antique Monarch wood cook stove.. Hmm, maybe I should re list those today?

Sometimes, just to dream of retiring in Italy or Mexico, I go to Craigslist and look at the Real Estate for that little dreams and a picture view of what you can get in those lovely areas.

How bout you, do you use Craigslist? What have you used it for, buying, selling, comparison shopping, dreaming?


  1. I've used it twice for selling an exercise machine and an iMac computer when we upgraded Hubby's. Have searched it here in Roanoke a couple of times for items I wanted but none were listed that suited my taste. Our computer sold in an hour and the exercise machine took a week. But then who wants to exercise anyway? Our kids have bought GREAT deals on Craigslist... the ones that live in Phoenix. The bigger the city the better the buys.

    Snappy Di

  2. I've looked at Craigslist recently, trying to find some dining room chairs but, when I have a giveaway, I take it to our local thrift shop which is run by non-profit Group Living.

    My husband has used ebay for selling a few things, like a banjo and a drill.

  3. I sell items to big to ship on craigslist. I sold some big kid toys and exercise equipment. People don't always show up when they say they will but other than that I think it is a good tool.

  4. Craigslist...what a marvelous place!!

    I see that you are now following me, I wanted to come over and meet you, say thanks, and get to know you through your blog. Nice spot you have here, love the scenery! :)

  5. I've been looking for houses for rent and trucks to buy. I have a saddle and other tack I'd like to sell too but I worry about how the selling works. It appears a lot of people do it though.

  6. Selling over the internet scares the crap out of me. I have not used Craig's List but have used ebay and have not had great experiences. So the Thrift stores is where most of my stuff goes. But then I have a shed full of stuff that will go soon or after I die. I will probably let my kids deal with all the stuff I have aquired in my 64 years of living.

  7. One of our workers once sold some condert tickets for us...they were expensive and he got FULL PRICE!

  8. WAIT! Antique light yellow wood cook stove??? Can you send me a pic and price???


  9. I have used Craigslist twice. I sold a saddle a year ago, and last week I sold a 45-gallon fish aquarium. I have not had bad luck using it. It is a very quick, easy way to sell stuff you no longer need!! I have only purchased hay from craigslist. But it is local, so you call them then go pick it up. Simple.
    I like to look at horses on Craigslist from time to time, and I also look at jobs, since I am looking for one of those!

  10. Craigslist is cool! My Hubby spends quite a bit of time looking on there..We have purchased a couple of things through that...But you do have to watch for scam ads. We had a dealing with one involving a truck that we wanted to look at. It was one of those "OH put a deposit through EBAY and we will ship it to you then you pay thee rest so you are safe"...I researched that one...Not safe LOL!!

    I'm glad you have had such great luck with it!!

  11. craigslist is fun... i'll just go there to play and wonder.. sad huh? lol!!

  12. We have actually started using it as a way to promote some of the real estate listings we have. We tried to sell John's old scuba gear on it, but did not get any response...But I know especially for younger people, it is the "go to" place for buying and selling....

  13. I love Craig's List too. So far I haven't pruchased anything on CL but have sold numerous items. I've sold 2 freezers and those were gone within a couple hours after the listing appeared. But I agree, you have to keep relisting because what you have must catch the eye of the right person. I recently listed some old telegraph keys (my dad & grandma worked for the railroad) that I'd had for years. I got a call the second day, a guy came and looked at them, bought them and told me about a project he's got going here in Tacoma. The restoration of an old Northern Pacific dining car and the creation of a Railroad Museum here in town. I bet we chatted for over an hour as he told me about his project and I told him about my railroad family history. Last week he showed up at my door again, with a 8 x 10 black & white photo of the last place my dad & grandmother worked with a Milwaukee train also in the picture. The building was torn down many years ago and the gift of this picture brought me to tears. My family will be donating other RR items to this man's efforts to preserve the history of the railroads to Tacoma and surrounding areas. A great Craig's List experience.

  14. I haven't used CL but my kids who live in Denver swear by it. They have sold everything from motor cycles to vintage clothes! You've given me a good idea...hmm...!

  15. Quite a few people in my family have sold items on Craigslist, including a boat, a fish tank, and a saddle. I have sold 2 pairs of breeches (regret that one!) and I bought a purse a couple of years ago. I used to browse for horses all of the time but haven't recently, sometimes I get too depressed when I do that.
    I love your new header picture! :)

  16. I've sold Peaches! lol!

    I've tried to sell Baby Doll via CraigsList, but ended up with lookie loos who just want to ride a horse for the afternoon fo free. Ahhh well. You can't win 'em all.

    You sure seem to, though. You're very active on Craigs List it seems.


  17. Oh and I forgot to ask you if you've ever had trouble with posting the same item more than once a week?
    I've tried to post my horse more than once in a week or even every week, and I enter all my info, upload the photos and then I get a message that my item has been posted too often.
    I made a mistake and posted my item on the Santa Fe Craigs List instead of Albuquerque and I deleted it and then tried to post it on Albuquerque's list...and I got the same message! Now I've got to wait to post my item for at least a week or more.

    I just don't undersand why this happens to me when I see others posting the same items almost daily.


  18. just stopping by; saw your journal on another journal I was reading and the title of your entry so wanted to check it out

    love Craigs List; my son found a job through it, I've advertised garage sales on it, sold appliances through it, etc. great service if one is careful about dealing with the public, i.e., cash only, all sales final, that type of thing in addition to making sure I'm not home alone when someone comes to look at something I have listed to sell

    nice blog you have :)



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