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Friday, August 14, 2009

Find Me Friday..who is that raiding the feeder????

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This was the raider of the bird feed last spring...
He was almost hidden, with his color, but was having a hay day eating the birdfood, and would squawk at us when we got close to him!

Please join in with Ali for Find Me Friday..


  1. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! You have a nice blog here and I haven't checked out your other one, yet. These little squirrels are cute and a pest at the same time. Nothing will stop them from getting to that food!

  2. He is hidden. And why are they so cute except when they are on our bird feeders?

  3. Hmmmmm, my Blogger Reading List shows me that you posted about your birthday...and when I click on that link in my reader, there is an error message.

    But I wanted to stop by and wish you a happy birthday....hope you celebrate in style. [it may be an error in my reader, I don't know]

  4. Yes, almost totally camouflaged, clever little thing, adorable and beautiful. I enlarged your photos to see him more clearly and I love that feeder you have. Wonderful photos, so enjoyable.

  5. Sorry I was late getting my post up, I saw yours and was like AHHH!! I forgot my post! ;-) Thanks for joining in again, I love the cute squirrel pics. They really are fun to watch even though they can get annoying!

  6. your squirrel is cute...mine don't sass me, they just run away. nice photos, so clear!

  7. jan, on my blog list, your comes up with the title 'happy bdy to me'...but you have posted find me friday...wonder why it is doing this?

  8. That feeder is larger than it appears. I clicked on the photo and wow he really blends in to the background. I don't get upset with my squirrels, as they work so hard jumping onto my house roof,climbing my house roof, jumping onto the back yard fence, jump into a tree, into the large bush, and then leaping onto the device that holds the feeder. If the border collie isn't watching the whole job is more pleasant for the squirrels.


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